• Let’s Talk About ABA Therapy (AGAIN)

    Another day, another post about ABA Therapy. For real, though, ABA therapy is one of the most widely debated topics in the autism community, and I’m here (AGAIN) adding my thoughts to the pile. See, the other day there was a post in my Embracing Autism Community where a parent saw ABA therapy as their […]

  • We Tried the SAGO Mini First Words App – Here’s Our Review!

    With Autistic children, there is no shortage of therapies thrown at you and often shoved down your throat, but one that I’ve found incredibly helpful for my Autistic kids is speech therapy. Empowering Autistic communication is *so* important, and giving our kids the tools they need to communicate doesn’t always come naturally. But speech therapy […]

  • 3 Mistakes Even the Best Parent-Advocates Make

    (Inside: Even the best parent-advocates are making one of these 3 mistakes, but with this post, you can get through them faster or avoid them altogether!) Are you making one of these three surprising mistakes that even the best parent-advocates make? If you are like many of my very best clients, chances are, you probably […]

  • 5 Practical Ways to Embrace Autism in April

    April is basically the Super Bowl of autism. And the problem is that harmful organizations like Autism Speaks and Spark and ABA Lobbyists are the Giants with billion-dollar ad budgets. They are one team in the Super Bowl of autism. And then there are the Autistic advocates, and we’re the other team in April, the […]