• We Need to Talk About Ableism & Perfection

    If you hang around my corner of the interwebs, you hear about ableism a LOT. And it’s for good reason—because nearly everywhere else on the interwebs completely ignores ableism. But lately, I’ve noticed a lot of perfectionist views on ableism. There are a lot of people who hold pride in being not-ableist, and they believe […]

  • 3 Steps to Be a Better Autism Ally This April

    It’s almost April, and you’re about to be inundated with posts about autism. You’ll see posts that call you to Light it Up Blue, support Autism Speaks, and don puzzle pieces. Then you’ll see posts telling you that all of those things are totally wrong and you shouldn’t do them. (I know, I write many […]

  • Stop Telling Me You Aren’t Ableist and Start Doing This Instead…

    In my community, I have an extremely strict “no ableism” rule. It’s designed to keep a safe space for Autistics so that parents can learn from the Autistic experience. But oftentimes, well-meaning parents say something ableist without realizing that it’s ableist. Here’s the deal: we weren’t taught this in school! Most of us were taught […]

  • 4 Simple Reasons I Don’t Support Autism Speaks

    (Inside: 4 reasons to not support autism speaks are a must read for all autism mamas! They’re the most popular autism organization, but they’re so harmful.) When we found out that A-Man is autistic, I went into research mode, like I do with everything. Eventually, that research lead me to realize I’m autistic myself. But before […]