Being Autistic

Being Autistic is a journey in itself. Here I’ll share about life as someone who is #actuallyautistic

  • A Simple Daily Journal Routine to Get Through Rough Days

    (Inside: Even if you HATE journaling or think it’s “woo”, this simple daily journal routine will help you get through rough days and stay focused on your goals.) Start a journal? Puh-lease. Like I’m a 9-year-old little girl who needs to write about how Becca the bully is tormenting me and Jake is soooooo cute […]

  • 3 Simple Steps to Manage Anxious Thoughts

    As I got ready for that first flight as an adult, my first solo flight ever and the first flight I’d been on in ten years, I was an anxious ball of worst-case-scenario thoughts. What if I got lost in the airport? What if I didn’t make my connection? What if I missed my flight […]

  • The Real Reason You Struggle With #Adulting as an Autistic Adult

    I know you’ve seen the memes… “Just scheduled my own doctor appointment… #Adulting” “Did the dishes before going to bed! #Adulting” And let’s not get into how #Adulting has some seriously ableist connotations… That’s another post for another day. Today, instead, I want to chat about the real reason that you might struggle with #adulting […]

  • 3 Actually Doable Executive Functioning Tips for Autistic Adults

    Growing up, I didn’t know I was autistic. I didn’t have that “label”. But I certainly carried many labels… Lazy Messy Disorganized And more… I had battle after battle with my parents because I could never keep my room clean… I’d constantly lose things like my glasses or wallet… And, though this is a bit […]

  • 5 Practical Strategies for Avoiding Autistic Burnout

    (Inside:¬†Autistic burnout can be a serious pain, but today I’m sharing 5 practical strategies for avoiding autistic burnout that you can put in place today!) I didn’t know I was autistic until I was a married mom in my twenties. I grew up believing a lot of lies about myself that would have been avoided […]

  • What is Spoon Theory?

    At least weekly in the Embracing Autism Facebook Community, someone posts about being out of spoons, and another person asks what in the world that means. See, there’s a thing called “Spoon Theory”, and it’s wildly common in chronic illness, disability, and autism circles. But if you’ve never heard of Spoon Theory before, it can […]