Being Autistic

Being Autistic is a journey in itself. Here I’ll share about life as someone who is #actuallyautistic

  • No, We Don’t Want to #EndAutismNow, Thank You Very Much

    I’m autistic, so is my son, and I’m an autism advocate, blogger, and author. That means I see a lot of “current events” in the autism world. So I wasn’t too shocked when there was another video out by Jenny McCarthy that was harmful for autistic people… I was shocked, however, when I saw the […]

  • Signs of Autism in Adults That May Have Been Missed as Children

    (Inside: If you’ve been wondering if you’re autistic, you need this post with signs of autism in adults that may have been missed as children! It’s a goldmine!) I grew up in the nineties. It was a great time for Saturday cartoons, Tamagotchis, and Game Boy, but it wasn’t really a great time for autism awareness. […]

  • 5 Tips for Making Autistic/Neurotypical Marriages Work

    (Inside: A marriage between someone who’s autistic and someone who’s neurotypical can be pretty tough, and sometimes it feels like you’re from different planets… But check out these 5 tips for making autistic/neurotypical marriages work to find practical strategies to strengthen your marriage!) When people learn that I’m autistic, I get a lot of different reactions. […]

  • Acquaintance to Friendship | A Guide for Autistic Adults

    (Inside: When you’re autistic, making friends can be incredibly difficult. Especially when you’re in that tricky spot of bridging the gap between acquaintance and friendship… You see her each week at work, school, church or a group, but how do you truly become friends?) When you know someone from a specific activity, whether it’s work, church, […]

  • Why Autistics Hate Autism Month | I Argued With Five People Today About My Right to Exist

    (Inside: Autistics hate autism month, the one month a year we should feel safe, accepted, understood, and listened to. I argued with FIVE different people today about my right to exist… Autism Month is hard for autistics, here’s why…) It’s officially autism acceptance month, the month where autistic people should feel understood, accepted, embraced, and more […]

  • I’m Absolutely Terrified to Get Anxiety Medication

    (Inside: I have anxiety, and I’m absolutely terrified to get medications… It has nothing to do with the medications themselves, and everything to do with our country’s views on mental health today…) “Maybe it’s time to try meds…” I’ve said that sentence to my husband several times over the last few years. And yet, I’ve never […]