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Hello friend, Kaylene here...

And I help parents just like you learn from autistic adults to become the best parents, advocates, and autism allies they can be.

See, I know what it’s like to be:

But here’s the thing… I’ve spent the last four years learning and implementing everything I possibly can about parenting and advocating autistic children, and now I spend my time:

And I am super passionate about helping you get those same results!
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But wait... Who the heck am I?

headshot of Kaylene George, writer of Autistic Mama blog, Embracing Autism, and Positive Parenting Scripts

I’m Kaylene, an autistic mom of 6 neurodiverse kiddos from newborn to nine years old.

Five years ago we finally got a doctor to listen to our concerns for my son A-Man, and we started our Autism Journey.

It wasn’t long before I learned that I am also autistic myself, but in the 90’s girls like me were called ‘weird’ instead of autistic.

Since then, I’ve made it my life’s work to help parents of autistic children become better parents, advocates, and autism allies.

I believe that together we can change society to become a more accepting & inclusive to autistics.
And you, friend, are a major part of that mission.

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