You Need Autistic Guidance When Parenting an Autistic Child

But You Also Want Help From a Parent Who’s Been There…

Since you got your child’s autism diagnosis, you’ve been in overwhelm city.

Professionals are pushing every therapy under the sun, parent groups are full of puzzle pieces and warrior moms, and autistic-lead groups are great but sometimes they’re super negative or they don’t give specifics to your situation.

It feels like everywhere you turn someone who knows nothing about you or your autistic child wants to tell you all the things you’re doing wrong, and you’re just tired of it.

What you need is one solid guide that knows the ins and outs of your specific situation and your unique autistic child.

You need tried and true strategies that will help you parent and advocate for your autistic child.

And if we’re being honest, you just want to do whatever you can to help your autistic child live their best life.

Can I get a heck yeah?

Imagine this...

You spend your days playing with your kids and spending quality time together, and most days you actually feel like a really good mom.

When there’s an issue at your child’s school, you know how to confidently advocate for what your child needs to succeed.

You have routines and systems in place that keep your home and family running smoothly.

And best of all…
You can’t even remember the last time your child had a meltdown.

headshot of Kaylene George, writer of Autistic Mama blog, Embracing Autism, and Positive Parenting Scripts

Hello friend,
I'm Kaylene,

And you should know that a few years ago, I was just like you…

When my son was diagnosed autistic I was in way over my head.

Everyone had different opinions, and everyone was sure I was doing everything wrong… Or at least that’s how it felt.

But I’ve spent the last four years learning and implementing everything I possibly can about parenting and advocating autistic children.

I’ve helped hundreds of parents become the best parents, advocates, and autism allies they can be, and that’s what I want for you too, friend.

In the Parenting Autistics Coaching Program, I work one-on-one with you to...

  • **Prioritize #AllTheThings so you know exactly what to focus on during our time together
    **Uncover the obstacles that are getting in the way between you and your parenting goals
    **Discover the step-by-step strategies you can use to become the parent you want to be
    **Cut out all of the noise and focus only on the things that will help you make the most progress

Plus, you’ll do all of it with direct support, accountability, and cheerleading from me every step of the way.

Here's what you get with the Parenting Autistics Coaching Program...

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Calls
We’ll hop onto a call together every other week to discuss the progress you’re making, the struggles getting in your way, and the specific steps you will take to see the specific results you’re looking for.

Specific Step-By-Step Strategies
Together we will determine the step-by-step strategies that you can take to reach your unique goals. Whether we are creating a plan to reduce meltdowns, or a plan for advocating at school, or even a self-care plan, you will have a complete strategy mapped out for you so you always know the next step to take.

Unlimited Text & Email Support
I don’t want you to feel stuck at all through our time together, so you have access to my personal cell phone and email to get unlimited support between sessions. I commit to answering every message within 24 hours so you never go too long without direct support or the kick in the tush you need!

2 SOS Moments
We all have those OMG freak outs, so you get 2 SOS Moments. You can trigger your SOS and I will hop on an emergency call with you within 24 hours. These are perfect for debriefing a meltdown once it’s over or crafting the perfect response to a not-so-kind email from your child’s school staff.

Autism Journey Collective Membership Access
You will receive immediate access to the Autism Journey Collective Membership for the full three months that we’re working together. With the trainings, PDF guides, group calls, and extra resources, you’re sure to find the exact content you’re looking for.

Monthly Masterclass Archive Access
And as a bonus you receive access to my entire archive of Masterclasses. From autistic communication to executive functioning, these masterclasses offer a deep dive into the topics that I’ve seen most of my clients struggle with.

You are the perfect parent for
your autistic child.

And with a little guidance
you can do this.

Step One: 

Click the button below and schedule a call on my calendar to make sure we’re a great fit. Times should be shown in your time zone, grab whatever slot best fits your schedule!

Step Two: 

I’ll email you within 48 hours with the subject line {Parenting Autistics Coaching} Welcome! This email will have questions for you to answer before our scheduled call.

Step Three: 

At our scheduled time you and I will hop on a video chat with coffee (or your beverage of choice) while we get to know each other and decide if this is a good fit.

Step Four: 

After the call, I’ll send you an invoice, contract, and a client welcome packet. Then we’ll be able to jump in and start seeing massive progress!


Okay, Kaylene... But I've got questions...

I’m an autistic adult, so I can help you see the autistic perspective that will be invaluable while raising your autistic child. 

But I’m also a parent of six neurodiverse kids, so I know what it’s like to be sitting in the parking lot crying after an epic meltdown over car seat buckles that’s left you exhausted. Point is: I’ve been there, friend.

Beyond that, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve coached hundreds of parents, helping them see massive improvements in their children’s behavior, their own parenting, and their ability to effectively and confidently advocate.

You know when you finally get the chance to head to the coffee shop with a friend and talk to a real adult human for the first time in ages? This is like that, but better, because your friend won’t be judging the heck outta you.

Basically, we’ll each show up on the interwebs at our scheduled time, coffee {or wine–no judgment remember?} in hand, and we’ll start by celebrating a win, big or small. Then we’ll chat about how things have been going since our last session.

We’ll decide on your next milestone that will help move you toward your overarching goal, and we’ll map out a strategy to help get you there. We’ll talk about what obstacles may get in your way and make sure you’re solid on your plan. You’ll leave the call feeling energized, confident, and ready to take your next step.

You can always email with any questions you may have, but I encourage you to actually book a coffee chat instead.

On that free call, you and I will get to know each other a bit and decide if this coaching program is a good fit for you.

I only take students that I know will benefit from the program, so there’s no pressure if it isn’t a great fit!