Understanding Autism

  • What Exactly is Stimming and Why Do Autistics Stim?

    “He’s always done that, and we aren’t really sure why…” “Well, he’s stimming… That’s super common in autistic kids! It’s nothing to worry about at all.” Since my son was about two he would hit his legs or his chest really fast whenever he was excited. It didn’t hurt him (though when he’s REALLY excited […]

  • The Problem with Autism Functioning Labels

    “Is he high or low functioning?” It happens almost every time without fail. I’m talking to a mom at the park or a grocery store clerk. I mention that A-Man is autistic because it naturally fits the conversation, and immediately the question comes. “High or low functioning?” What an odd question to ask a stranger. […]

  • 6 Steps to Host an Autism-Friendly Christmas for Autistic Children

    (Inside: A guide for extended family to host an autism-friendly Christmas to help their autistic loved ones enjoy the family holidays with everyone else!) It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s lights up everywhere, people are crowding stores finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones, there’s cookies to bake, family to visit, and […]

  • How to Explain Autism to Neurotypical Kids

    (Inside: It can be hard to know how to explain autism to neurotypical kids, but it’s so important that we teach our kids about autism early! So I’m sharing all my best tips!) “Why do I have to eat my veggies when he gets to just eat crackers and chicken nuggets?” “Whyyyyy is he always […]