• How Do You Know if It’s Autism or Just Behavior?

    What is autism? And what is just behavior?  How do I know where the line is between accepting my autistic child as they are, while not letting them do whatever they want just because they’re autistic? Where exactly is the line between the behavior that kids do—because spoiler alert kids misbehave—and the behavior that’s directly […]

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Literature-Based Science Curriculum

    Since I was a kid, reading was my favorite. I loved novels and read nearly anything I could get my hands on. But what I really loved about reading is that once I could read, I could learn anything. So it wasn’t a shock to me when my oldest, who is so much like me, […]

  • A Simple Daily Journal Routine to Get Through Rough Days

    (Inside: Even if you HATE journaling or think it’s “woo”, this simple daily journal routine will help you get through rough days and stay focused on your goals.) Start a journal? Puh-lease. Like I’m a 9-year-old little girl who needs to write about how Becca the bully is tormenting me and Jake is soooooo cute […]

  • To the Mom Who Just Totally Lost it on Your Kids

    Sometimes I completely lose it on my kids. Like, hulk-mom, rage-scream, “STOP-RIGHT-NOW-I’M-GONNA-LOSE-IT” type lose it. Puh-lease tell me you’ve done this too. And I know, it’s not for lack of trying NOT to lose it. Most of us have read all the “magic tips” to stay calm and they maybe work for half a morning, […]