• Dear Neurofamily Parent: Your Needs Matter Too

    Have you pushed all of your needs to the side in favor of your neuro family’s needs? Or maybe your kids are super regulated… But it’s only because you, my friends are super burnt out. Then when you go and you look for some help with this, people either say: You are the adult, so […]

  • 3 Mistakes Even the Best Parent-Advocates Make

    (Inside: Even the best parent-advocates are making one of these 3 mistakes, but with this post, you can get through them faster or avoid them altogether!) Are you making one of these three surprising mistakes that even the best parent-advocates make? If you are like many of my very best clients, chances are, you probably […]

  • How to Manage Eloping With the Embracing Autism Method

    A birthday party. The park. The therapy clinic parking lot. These are just a few of the places that my son has eloped—running or wandering away from caregivers—from. Maybe you can relate to the moments of absolute terror when your child bolts and your breath leaves you right along with them. Eloping is one of […]

  • 3 Simple Strategies to Manage Autistic Rigidity

    My clients are always asking questions about how to manage Autistic rigidity, and it isn’t always easy. On one hand, you want to accommodate their need for control. On the other hand, you want to help them to be able to be flexible sometimes. And we all know the world won’t let them dictate everything, […]