• 4 Simple Steps to Autism-Positive Parenting

    Don’t do this! Never do that! What kind of parent would do that? Don’t you know that’s abusive?! Are you tired of everyone and their brother telling you that EVERYTHING you do for your Autistic child is absolutely wrong? Especially because it feels like no one out there tells you what you SHOULD do? Well […]

  • We Need to Talk About Ableism & Perfection

    If you hang around my corner of the interwebs, you hear about ableism a LOT. And it’s for good reason—because nearly everywhere else on the interwebs completely ignores ableism. But lately, I’ve noticed a lot of perfectionist views on ableism. There are a lot of people who hold pride in being not-ableist, and they believe […]

  • 5 Steps to Deal with Aggression in Autistic Children

    Aggressive behaviors are one of the biggest struggles that parents of Autistic children face, but unfortunately, most information about it is filled with ABA strategies to “eliminate the behavior”. The problem is, aggression in Autistic children isn’t as simple as them misbehaving, and the ABA tactics are actually likely to make the aggression worse. See, […]

  • Autism Functioning Labels are Inaccurate and Harmful

    “But he’s so high functioning!” “No one talks about low functioning autism!” “My child is Autistic, but he’s only level 1” If you are connected to the autism community in any way, shape, or form, it won’t be long until you hear about functioning labels. These are an attempt to categorize Autistics from “a little […]

  • 3 Steps to Navigate Boundaries With Your Autistic Child

    When Autistic adults talk about accepting and understanding Autistic children and Autistic behaviors, parents get pretty stressed… So there are just no boundaries? So we let our Autistic child dictate everything? So we let our Autistic child walk all over us? But friends, that isn’t actually what Autistics are encouraging you to do. No one […]

  • 4 Ways Calm the Chaos is Different From ABA

    If you’ve been around my corner of the interwebs for a while, you know that I’m loudly against ABA therapy for Autistic children. I’ve written about the problem with ABA here. And why even “new ABA” is bad here. So recently when I saw this question about Calm the Chaos and ABA pop up over […]