• We Tried the SAGO Mini First Words App – Here’s Our Review!

    With Autistic children, there is no shortage of therapies thrown at you and often shoved down your throat, but one that I’ve found incredibly helpful for my Autistic kids is speech therapy. Empowering Autistic communication is *so* important, and giving our kids the tools they need to communicate doesn’t always come naturally. But speech therapy […]

  • Is Your Child’s Goal Autistic-Led?

    When you have an autistic child, goals are often thrown at you from all sides. Their OT is setting goals about creating a sensory diet, their SLP might be setting goals about communicating wants and needs, their school might be setting goals about “reducing negative behaviors”. It can feel super overwhelming, and you can easily […]

  • Project-Based Hands On History for Homeschoolers

    When I first started homeschooling, and it was just Mr. C and I, some things were a LOT easier. See, he’s just like me. Hand him a book and he’s pretty much golden. But as the kids have gotten older and we’ve added A-Man and Cap’n M to our homeschool, and have Miss S convinced […]

  • Literature Rich Homeschool History With Beautiful Feet Books

    (Inside:┬áCheck out this literature rich homeschool history with Beautiful Feet Books! A comprehensive book-based curriculum that helps instill a love of literature!) When I started homeschooling, I was so excited to help my kids develop a love of reading. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and I couldn’t WAIT to dive into reading with my […]