• Easy Homeschool Typing Tool for Busy Moms

    (Inside: Typesy Homeschool is an easy homeschool typing tool for busy moms with comprehensive typing lessons and fun homeschool typing games!) My oldest son is starting to do more and more of his homeschooling from a computer, and I LOVE it. I grew up online, so I figured my son would be just like me. We’d […]

  • Taking Online Learning Offline with Reading Eggs Workbooks

     (Inside: We are so excited to check out the opportunity to take online learning offline with Reading Eggs and Mathseeds workbooks!) This homeschool year has been a little chaotic here. We have Mr. C taking classes a few days a week at the school, A-Man is doing first grade and doing more traditional school work, and […]

  • Teach Kids to Type with Free Typing Games Online

    (Inside: Teach kids to type with free typing games online! You don’t have to spend tons of money on programs or drudge through boring lessons with free typing games!) I grew up in a tech-friendly house. I got my first email address at 4, and remember instant messaging family from across the country at a young […]

  • Super Simple Outdoor Nature Science Experiment

    (Inside: Try out this super simple outdoor nature science experiment the next time you are outside with your kids in the backyard or at the park.) I can’t take Mr. C anywhere without him finding some way to create a science experiment. We were out for a day at the park, thinking we’d maybe try an […]

  • Comprehensive Elementary Language Arts with Pathways 2.0

    (Inside: Try this comprehensive elementary language arts with Pathways 2.0 for a thorough language arts curriculum in your homeschool.) I’m a lifelong reader and writer. A word nerd. My son? Well, he loves reading, but language arts? Grammar? Spelling? Not his favorite. So we decided to try a comprehensive elementary language arts curriculum that would help […]

  • 5 Tips to Actually Enjoy a Day at the Park with a Large Family

    (Inside: Park days with a large family aren’t always a walk in the, well, park… With these 5 tips you’ll actually enjoy a day at the park with your large family!) Before I was a mom, I pictured myself doing a lot of things… And I always thought I’d be that mom at the park. […]