• Updates on Being Outnumbered!

    Oh friends what a month it has been! If you haven’t noticed, things have been a little quiet around here lately! Lots of things have been going on, but things seem to be settling back into a normal routine (HA! What is normal?) so I figured I’d use this post to give you some updates […]

  • Should I Swear Off Yoga Pants?

    This seems to be one of the hottest debates among Christians lately. Isn’t that just sad? Is there not more pressing issues than what pants a woman wears? There’s tons of children starving, but we need to determine once and for all if it is appropriate for a woman to wear yoga pants when she […]

  • New Years Goals: Accountability

    We have reached the end of our January series on New Years Goals [Not Resolutions]. If you haven’t already, make sure you read part one on creating a plan of attack, part two on time management, and part three on creating visual reminders. Today we’ll be talking about, for me, the hardest part of setting, working […]

  • New Years Goals: Visual Reminders

    Hey Friends! We are trucking along with our January series on New Years Goals! We’ve gone over how we make a plan of attack and how important time management is. Now? We’re tackling visual reminders. If you really want to achieve your goal, you need to have it at the forefront of your mind. Otherwise you won’t […]

  • A Bible Newbie’s Approach to Bible Study

    If you’ve been around This Outnumbered Mama for a while, you know that I am a total Bible newbie. I have been crazy overwhelmed at the idea of Bible study, that for a long time I just avoided it. “I’m a baby Christian” I would say. “I don’t really know many Bible stories”. I knew […]

  • Three Ways to Save Money this New Year [Plus a Bonus!]

    Most people make New Year Resolutions, and many of those include saving money. If you’re anything like me, saving money does not come easily. I love to go shopping, and I am definitely guilty of spending more than I need to for convenience. Between the coffee shop, fast food, and purchasing way too many things […]