• 5 Important Reasons Even “New ABA” is Problematic

    (Inside: When autistics speak out against ABA, many people say that “new ABA” is different, but here are 5 important reasons even “New ABA” is problematic…) Every time I speak out against ABA therapy, without fail, a well-meaning parent or therapist chimes in with the same thing… “New ABA is different!” “ABA therapists haven’t done that […]

  • No One Knows Your Autistic Child’s Future

    (Inside: No One Knows Your Autistic Child’s Future. Who they are at 3 isn’t who they’ll be at 13 or 30. An autism diagnosis does NOT mean your child’s development is done!) When people join my Embracing Autism community, I ask them what their biggest question about autism is. And more and more, my admins […]

  • 3 Vital Steps To Take BEFORE Addressing Your Autistic Child’s Behavior

    (Inside: There’s a lot of focus on changing your autistic child’s behavior, but you must take these 3 vital steps before you address your autistic child’s behavior or you won’t see any true progress!) When it comes to autistic children, there is a massive emphasis put on changing their behavior. There are multiple “autism therapies” aimed […]

  • Literature Rich Homeschool History With Beautiful Feet Books

    (Inside: Check out this literature rich homeschool history with Beautiful Feet Books! A comprehensive book-based curriculum that helps instill a love of literature!) When I started homeschooling, I was so excited to help my kids develop a love of reading. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and I couldn’t WAIT to dive into reading with my […]

  • What is Spoon Theory?

    At least weekly in the Embracing Autism Facebook Community, someone posts about being out of spoons, and another person asks what in the world that means. See, there’s a thing called “Spoon Theory”, and it’s wildly common in chronic illness, disability, and autism circles. But if you’ve never heard of Spoon Theory before, it can […]

  • 5 Things Neurotypicals Do That Autistics Can’t

    (Inside: Autistics have their behaviors pathologized, while neurotypicals do the same things without issue. Here are 5 things neurotypicals do that autistics can’t.) My oldest son is not autistic, my younger son is. It didn’t take me long to realize that because of that simple fact, society viewed their behaviors very differently. Even the exact. same. […]