Autism Diagnosis

  • What I Wish the Doctors Told You at Your Child’s Diagnosis

    When I chat with new readers who have found me very soon after they got their child’s initial autism diagnosis, I’m torn between two feelings. First, I’m heartbroken for them, but not for the reason you think. See, I’m not about to tell you that I’m heartbroken that “autism stole their child” or that they […]

  • No One Knows Your Autistic Child’s Future

    (Inside: No One Knows Your Autistic Child’s Future. Who they are at 3 isn’t who they’ll be at 13 or 30. An autism diagnosis does NOT mean your child’s development is done!) When people join my Embracing Autism community, I ask them what their biggest question about autism is. And more and more, my admins […]

  • 5 Important Steps to Take After Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis

    (Inside:¬†Getting an autism diagnosis for your child can be overwhelming, so today I’m sharing 5 important steps to take after your child’s autism diagnosis!) I remember the day like it was yesterday. “Clearly your son meets all of the diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.” I walked out of her office with an official autism […]

  • 25 Awesome Things About Autism

    (Inside: Sometimes you get bogged down with negative thoughts about autism. Check out these 25 awesome things about autism for the encouragement you need! Plus get the FREE printable with 50+ awesome things about autism!) When you get an autism diagnosis for your child, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the negativity. […]