• 3 Actually Doable Executive Functioning Tips for Autistic Adults

    Growing up, I didn’t know I was autistic. I didn’t have that “label”. But I certainly carried many labels… Lazy Messy Disorganized And more… I had battle after battle with my parents because I could never keep my room clean… I’d constantly lose things like my glasses or wallet… And, though this is a bit […]

  • 5 Myths About Autistic Kids & Aggressive Meltdowns Debunked

    When people think about autistic kids, oftentimes they think of a child having an aggressive meltdown. It’s really frustrating as an autistic person and the parent of an autistic child because there are so many misconceptions and myths about autistic kids & aggressive meltdowns. Now, I’m not saying that autistic kids never have aggressive meltdowns… […]

  • Project-Based Hands On History for Homeschoolers

    When I first started homeschooling, and it was just Mr. C and I, some things were a LOT easier. See, he’s just like me. Hand him a book and he’s pretty much golden. But as the kids have gotten older and we’ve added A-Man and Cap’n M to our homeschool, and have Miss S convinced […]

  • What Exactly is Stimming and Why Do Autistics Stim?

    “He’s always done that, and we aren’t really sure why…” “Well, he’s stimming… That’s super common in autistic kids! It’s nothing to worry about at all.” Since my son was about two he would hit his legs or his chest really fast whenever he was excited. It didn’t hurt him (though when he’s REALLY excited […]