Autistic Behaviors

  • 3 Steps to Navigate Boundaries With Your Autistic Child

    When Autistic adults talk about accepting and understanding Autistic children and Autistic behaviors, parents get pretty stressed… So there are just no boundaries? So we let our Autistic child dictate everything? So we let our Autistic child walk all over us? But friends, that isn’t actually what Autistics are encouraging you to do. No one […]

  • 4 Ways Calm the Chaos is Different From ABA

    If you’ve been around my corner of the interwebs for a while, you know that I’m loudly against ABA therapy for Autistic children. I’ve written about the problem with ABA here. And why even “new ABA” is bad here. So recently when I saw this question about Calm the Chaos and ABA pop up over […]

  • How to Build Your Autistic Child’s Independence With Routines

    “I just want my Autistic child to be as independent as they can be” Sound familiar? When working with my coaching clients, boosting their Autistic child’s independence is almost always one of their primary goals. And for good reason… Who doesn’t want to help their child be more independent? Who wouldn’t want to empower their […]

  • To the Mom Who Just Totally Lost it on Your Kids

    Sometimes I completely lose it on my kids. Like, hulk-mom, rage-scream, “STOP-RIGHT-NOW-I’M-GONNA-LOSE-IT” type lose it. Puh-lease tell me you’ve done this too. And I know, it’s not for lack of trying NOT to lose it. Most of us have read all the “magic tips” to stay calm and they maybe work for half a morning, […]

  • 3 Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Stay Calm

    Tell me you’ve been here… You read a post with a bunch of “stay calm” tips from a blogger who says she hasn’t yelled at her kids in four years and you are READY. All you have to do is… Take a deep breath Put a rubber band on your wrist Say a magical mantra […]