Autistic Behaviors

  • 3 Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Stay Calm

    Tell me you’ve been here… You read a post with a bunch of “stay calm” tips from a blogger who says she hasn’t yelled at her kids in four years and you are READY. All you have to do is… Take a deep breath Put a rubber band on your wrist Say a magical mantra […]

  • Is It Autism or Behavior?

    “Is he struggling because of his autism or is this normal behavior struggles we should address?” “I’m just trying to find out… Is this an autism thing that we should accept, or is it a behavior?” “I just don’t know if she’s misbehaving or she’s just doing this because she’s Autistic” I hear questions like […]

  • The Real Reason You Freak Out On Your Kids

    Do you ever reach your boiling point and totally freak out on your kids? I do. I’m a mom of 6 neurodiverse children, I’m Autistic myself, and I have chronic migraines… Sometimes it’s all just too much and I freak out. I mean… there have been days where I have just completely lost it… Yelling […]

  • Please Stop Complaining About Your Autistic Children

    (Inside: Dear Autism Moms… Please stop complaining about your autistic children… It’s harmful to your children and the entire autistic community. Everyone has bad days, but this post outlines why to stop complaining about your autistic children and what you can do instead!) There’s a video circulating on Facebook with a mother in tears. She tried […]