Autistic Behaviors

  • 3 Vital Reasons All Autistic Kids Need Sensory Activities & Sensory Play

    (Inside: You’ve got to check out these 3 vital reasons all autistic kids need sensory activities. Adding sensory play to an autistic child’s day is life-changing!) “Have you tried sensory activities?” It was a simple question, but when my son’s OT asked I got nervous… See, to me, sensory = messy. The absolute last thing I want […]

  • Simple 3-Step After-School Routine to Avoid After-School Meltdowns

    (Inside: With this simple 3-step after-school routine you can avoid the after-school meltdowns so that you can actually enjoy the time with your kids after school!) You get in the car to come home from school and you’ve barely shut the car door before it happens. That one is screaming about the other one touching them. […]

  • 5 Calming Strategies for Autism Meltdowns

    (Inside: With these 5 calming strategies for autism meltdowns that actually work, you’ll be able to calm your child during their meltdown so much faster!) Autism meltdowns are hands-down one of the most difficult parts of parenting an autistic child. (They’re also one of the most difficult parts of being an autistic person) So it’s no […]

  • 5 Important Steps to Discipline an Autistic Child

    (Inside: How do you discipline an autistic child? Punishment? Time-ins? I’m going to share 5 important steps to discipline an autistic child!) “He just needs more discipline” “My kids would NEVER act like that…” “Parents these days can’t even control their kid…” Sound familiar? I’ve heard all of this and more dozens of times about my […]