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If you’ve been dreaming of being a work at home mom, I can almost guarantee that someone has brought up one network marketing company or another. You might have a million different objections about why network marketing would absolutely never work for you, I did too.

I get it. You don’t have enough friends, you think it’s a “pyramid scheme”, you don’t like being “salesy”, no one can ever actually succeed at network marketing.

Maybe one day I’ll write a post that addresses all of these common objections to network marketing, but for now I’ll just be focusing on the last one. Why? Because the one thing I really want you to know is that anyone, including you, can succeed at network marketing.

5 Simple Secrets to Succeed at Network Marketing

Think that no one can succeed at network marketing? I'm sharing 5 secrets that anyone can do to succeed with network marketing!

Educate Yourself

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help you succeed at network marketing. There’s a common saying that I just love, “leaders are readers”. Be a reader! Read every book you can get your hands on about your company, their products, and network marketing in general.

Looking for somewhere to start? Go Pro and The Four Year Career are both a great place to start! No budget for books? Ask your up-line for some materials. Do a quick Pinterest search and find tons of helpful blogs.

Reading not your thing? There are tons of podcasts available. Or look up leaders in your company, I’m sure they have some talks up on Youtube!

Focus on Relationships

If you get your starter kit and immediately call everyone you haven’t talked to in three years to ask them to book a party, you’re not going to succeed at network marketing. In fact, you’ll probably crash and burn really quick.

No one likes to be talking to someone and feel like they’re just seeing you as a dollar sign, a party, or a potential sign up. It’s salesy and it’s the in-person version of email spam. Network marketing is all about relationships.

Organically use the products and recommend them when they naturally fit. I chose to work with Fundanoodle products because I really use them in my home with my boys. When a friend says that her child hates to practice handwriting, I can naturally mention the Muscle Mover Cards that help motivate kids.

If I had randomly spammed her Facebook account asking if she wanted to book a party or buy from me or “make sure you order from me because I talked to you first”, she likely would have been turned off and never would have listened to me.

Genuinely try to help people, share naturally and organically, and don’t see everyone as a new potential customer, see them as a friend.

Love and Live Your Products

This is another really simple way to naturally succeed at network marketing. Just truly love your products and use them regularly throughout your day. If you are like most people trying to succeed at network marketing, you’re doing this because you tried out the products and loved them!

The key here is to use your products all the time. I like to call it becoming a “product of the product”. Think about this: If you sell Fundanoodle products and you pull out a workbook from another brand, will that show people that you truly believe in your brand and your products?

On top of that, use your products as a conversation starter! I like to leave my pounding kit out when my kids have playdates. I also like to bring my muscle mover cards if we’re anywhere we’ll need to wait to keep the kiddos occupied.

If you sell makeup, make sure you have it on when you go out and about, and chat with anyone who compliments it. Believe in the products, use them, and share them naturally. Plus, when you truly love what you’re using, it shows!

Think that no one can succeed at network marketing? I'm sharing 5 secrets that anyone can do to succeed with network marketing!

Treat it Like a Business

This is pretty much the most effective advice for any work at home job. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get paid like a hobby. If you take it seriously and treat it like a business, you’ll get paid like it’s a business. So to succeed at network marketing, you need to treat it like a business!

How do you do that? Invest in your business. I know that one of the benefits of network marketing is the low start up costs, but be willing to invest what you can into growing your network marketing business.

Whether it’s purchasing books like those mentioned above, more products so that you can use and love the products, or incentives and prizes for people hosting parties or purchasing products, use at least a percentage of your commissions to put back into your business.

You also need to give your business 100% every day.

You have to do parties even when you don’t quite feel like it, you have to commit to finishing that network marketing book even when you’d rather snuggle up with a good Nicholas Sparks novel, and you have to put yourself out there and chat with the grocery store clerk even when you’re introverted and would rather not make eye contact.

Treat it like a business, and it will grow like a business!

Own What You Do

This one may seem silly, but it’s really, really important. You need to have some confidence and absolutely own what you do. I know that as a work at home mom, it can be hard to answer “what do you do?” but if you sheepishly answer “oh, I’m a stay at home mom, but I also sell xyz…” no one is going to take you seriously.

If you’re really loving your products and you’re treating it like a business, you should be able to share with confidence. “What do you do?” could be answered, “I own a business sharing early education products that help kids develop fundamental skills needed for handwrting and it’s truly changed my life and the life of my family. It’s given me enough financial freedom to stay home with my kids”.

Be proud of your business, own what you do, and you will easily succeed at network marketing.

Network marketing can be a real game changer for stay at home moms who want to bring in an income for their family, and it is definitely possible to succeed at network marketing without being creepy sales-y. I promise! Are you trying to build a network marketing business?

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