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Laundry, diaper changes, pouring juice, checking homeschooling work, changing another diaper, turning Netflix back on, settling an argument over a toy, grabbing snacks, another load of laundry, helping practice Bible verses, and changing yet another diaper.

These are just a few of the things that work at home moms deal with during their typical work day. Staying motivated with all of these distractions can be really difficult. Thankfully, these 4 simple tips to stay motivated as a work at home mom will keep you going through the day. Well, these tips and your trusty coffee!

4 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated as a Work at Home Mom

4 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated as a Work at Home Mom

Sometimes it feels like nothing that we do really matters, and that we’re just barely surviving through the day. We became work at home moms so that we could live the life of our dreams, not so that we could get up at 6 am to finish our client work after being up until 3 am nursing the baby. (Ask me who did that recently!)

When we go through these discouraging times in our businesses, how do we stay motivated? How do we continue to get through all of the tasks on our too-long to do list? How do we get excited about our business again when our motivation is dragging?

Plan Things Out Further Than You’d Think

Okay, everyone and their mother will tell you that as a work at home mom, planning is crucial. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail and all that. It’s totally true. If you don’t have a schedule or routine, your day will be completely overrun with random tiny tasks. The day to day to do list planning isn’t going to help with staying motivated, though.

I’m talking about the planning for the future. Maybe it’s just the time of year, but I am getting fired up for where my business is headed next year! Take an afternoon and plan out your goals for next year, and then break them down into quarterly actionable tasks.

Next? Take a bit to dream. Where do you want to be in 2 years? What about 5 or 10 years from now? Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to light a fire under us and get us motivated again.

Set Up Rewards for Yourself

It works for our kids, so why not us? There are some people who need some sort of external motivation for getting stuff done. Of course, it’s great to say that we all do our work at home jobs because we love what we do and we love providing an income for our family, but sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough.

Long term success isn’t always enough motivation to stay up an hour later to finish that blog post. In these times, the best method for staying motivated is to set up rewards for your goals and tasks. Make sure the reward is something that you really want to do, and make sure that the value is relational to the task.

Do not say you’ll go on a vacation if you finish your blog post, but also don’t say that you’ll eat a cookie when you write an entire book. Some rewards I like to use are Pinterest breaks, reading my favorite blogs, and watching certain tv shows.

4 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated as a Work at Home Mom

Remember WHY You’re Working From Home

Ladies, this is huge. Knowing why you are doing what you’re doing will go a long way towards staying motivated!

Are you a work at home mom so that you can homeschool your kids? Are you a work at home mom to provide an income for your family without wasting that income on daycare costs? Do you sell a product that you believe in? Are you building a business around what you love?

Once you know your why, the deep down reason that you get up and do this every day, keep it everywhere! Write it on your mirror. Make a cute graphic with it to be the screensaver on your phone. Put it on the wall next to where you typically change diapers. These frequent reminders are sure to keep you fired up!

Find a Work at Home Mom Friend

Finally, my favorite tip for staying motivated as a work at home mom. Find a friend (or several)! Being a work at home mom can be extremely lonely sometimes. You can look up one day and realize you haven’t left the house or seen an adult besides your spouse all week.

When you do get a chance to hang out with your friends, it can be really difficult to explain what you actually do. Your spouse may try, but do they really understand how excited you get when you land that sale you’ve been working on for weeks or when a client’s project goes off without a hitch? Find a business bff.

Someone who is also working from home that you can celebrate your successes with, and who will tell you to go pour a glass of wine on days you want to quit. Trust me, as a work at home mom, you’ll need both types of support!

How do you stay motivated as a work at home mom? Any tips or tricks to share?

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