• I Fired My OB in the Middle of Labor

    “I can’t wait to hear the birth story”. That was the Facebook message I got from a dear friend after I texted her to tell her about Sweet C’s arrival and send her the first few pictures before we posted to Facebook. She can’t wait to hear the birth story. It wasn’t shocking. All moms […]

  • The Easiest Way to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite

    When you’re expecting your fifth baby, it can be hard to keep it as exciting as your earlier pregnancies were. Things aren’t quite so new, you’re getting snotty comments from strangers in public, and you have a bunch of other things on your mind, like your four kids that are already here and screaming at […]

  • Why and How We’re Doing a No-Spend Challenge

    This last year has been a little busy. We’re getting ready to add Sweet C to the family in a few months, Chris quit his full time job to join me in running the blog and LuLaRoe, we started A-Man’s kindergarten year, and life has just been a really¬†fun and intense¬†ride for us! As we’re […]

  • 6 Things You Actually Need When You Have a Baby

    Having a new baby is incredibly exciting! Especially if, as in my case, your new baby is a different gender than the babies you already have. After having three boys, we’re expecting a little girl, and oh my word does it make me want to go pink-crazy buying anything and everything available in pink, princess, […]

  • You Might Be Pregnant If…

    Pregnancy is a wonderful and magical time filled with anticipation and excitement for your little one to arrive! Unfortunately, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.. Pregnancy is also a time filled with discomforts, lack of energy, and they take away our wine. I’ve officially reached the point in pregnancy where I need a nap almost […]