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Pregnancy is a wonderful and magical time filled with anticipation and excitement for your little one to arrive! Unfortunately, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.. Pregnancy is also a time filled with discomforts, lack of energy, and they take away our wine.

I’ve officially reached the point in pregnancy where I need a nap almost daily or I’m essentially a two year old whose blankie is in the washer, and it has been so wicked hot in Washington this year (for this area, I realize we aren’t in the hundreds but still hot!) most days you can find me hiding in my room, the only one in the house with air conditioning, praying for the Summer to end.

So today we’re going to take a light-hearted look at some ways you might know that you’re pregnant, you know in case the huge belly and peeing all the time didn’t clue you in.

You Might Be Pregnant If…

You Might Be Pregnant If... Funny stories for pregnant mamas!

You need 247 pillows to sleep at night, and if your partner moves one of them a half inch he’s sleeping on the couch.

Everyone in your house knows to ask you if you need to pee before doing anything in the bathroom because the answer is always yes.

You’ve cried over a random food item that you needed.

You’ve cried over a random sappy tv commercial.

You’ve cried about your kids getting bigger, or how they’ll react to a new sibling.

Basically, you’ve cried. A lot.

You have an unbelievable nesting urge, but no energy to follow through, so you have half done projects all over your house.

You have a Pinterest board overflowing with baby ideas you’ll never do.

*clench* sneeze. No explanation necessary.

You’ve paired foods together in a way that you never thought would ever be edible, and it was delicious.

You lay in bed at night debating the effort it takes to roll yourself up to go pee vs. just going back to sleep praying you don’t wet the bed.

When your doctor asks you about exercise you ask if lifting your toddler into the crib counts. Which, by the way, yes, yes it does.

You feel like wearing a sign that says the gender, when you’re due, and if it’s your first so that strangers stop asking you.

You’ve been offended by comments made by strangers, friends, or in-laws about your weight gain/size.

You may slap the next person to ask if you’re having twins.

You Might Be Pregnant If... Funny stories for pregnant mamas!

You have a registry filled with stuff everyone swears you’ll need but you won’t end up using.

You’re in a constant struggle between making sure people know that you’re still a capable human being and don’t need everything done for you, and kind of loving that everyone does everything for you because your back really hurts.

You are swelling more than you ever thought possible or safe.

Everyone and their mother has advice for you, or wants to tell you their birth horror story.

You’ve sent your spouse to the store/a restaurant at an ungodly hour to get some random craving.

You’re exhausted all day until bed time, and then you’re wide awake.

Spending an entire day in bed eating ice cream and watching Netflix sounds like heaven.

You can’t be held liable for what happens to the next person to touch your belly. Seriously. Don’t even try it.

You’ve had to pee at least once while reading these.

You go to the kitchen for a snack and by the time you get there you have no idea what you came for.

Until you make it back to your room and remember you’re starving.

Repeat roughly 986 times a day.

Putting on shoes is a total work out, and you’ve given up on any that don’t slip on.

The second you get home from anywhere you’re in jammies because they’re just so much more comfy.

And most of all, you know that despite all of the discomforts and annoyances, pregnancy is an incredible blessing, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything. But you still want this baby out ASAP.

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