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When you’re expecting your fifth baby, it can be hard to keep it as exciting as your earlier pregnancies were. Things aren’t quite so new, you’re getting snotty comments from strangers in public, and you have a bunch of other things on your mind, like your four kids that are already here and screaming at you. But every baby is a blessing, and they all deserve to be celebrated! So while you may not need a baby shower when you have hand me downs from a ton of siblings, you can still use these tips for the easiest way to do birth announcements for busy moms!

The Easiest Way for Busy Moms to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite!

*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite. I received the product to try and I’m compensated for my time. I was not required to give a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. See my full disclosure for details.

The Easiest Way to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite

I know, when you give birth, birth announcements are going to be the very last thing on your mind. But hear me out! This is the absolute easiest way to do birth announcements for busy moms, and you’ll be thanking me once you deliver and you have this all ready to use!

Do I Really Have to Do Birth Announcements?

In this day and age with the internet and social media, you might be asking if you really have to do birth announcements. I say, yes, you definitely do. While I’m sure you’ll post a sweet picture on Facebook and announce your little one’s appearance, there is nothing that beats a traditional birth announcement. (And do you really think your great aunt Alice is going to let it go if she never gets a beautiful announcement in the mail!?)

But still, I’ll acknowledge that traditional baby announcements can be really difficult. Writing out all those addresses when you have a brand new little one to snuggle doesn’t sound fun for anyone! That’s where this super simple tip comes in!

The Easiest Way for Busy Moms to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite!

Host a Baby Welcoming Party

When you have a baby, everyone wants to come over and meet them. They want to ooh and aww over your little one’s tiny toes, and they want to tell you congratulations in person. All of that in and out tends to make me a little crazy, so I’m hosting a baby welcoming party!

On one specific day after Sweet C is born, we will host our friends and family for a few hours with coffee and cookies to allow everyone to come over and meet our new bundle. Chris and I will only need to clean once, I’ll only have to get dressed once, and we’ll be able to spend our other days sleeping while the baby sleeps and adjusting to life as a family of seven!

But what in the world does hosting a baby welcoming party have to do with birth announcements?

The Easiest Way for Busy Moms to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite!

Have Birth Announcements Ready Before Baby is Born

Make your birth announcement a double whammy! Use your baby welcoming invitation to announce your baby’s birth. Two birds with one stone! You can let people know that your sweet baby has been born and let them know when they can come visit you all with one simple invite.

But how can you do this before the baby is born? Super simple. On your Basic Invite Birth Announcement, which is fully customizable, let people know that your baby has been born and you’d love for them to come to your baby welcoming party.

Now, this is the genius part. You can do this even if you don’t know when your baby will be born, so you aren’t 100% sure of the date of your baby welcoming party! Chris and I chose a Saturday because that’s what day tends to be easiest for us. We put “next Saturday” on our invitations, and they’re good to go! We will be able to use these invites when Sweet C makes her appearance and we’re ready to have our party, whatever the date that is!

The Easiest Way for Busy Moms to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite!

Why Use Basic Invite Birth Announcements and Baby Shower Invites?

Basic Invite unique birth announcements and baby shower invites are adorable and super simple to order. You can get customizable birth announcements, or stick with the simple baby shower invites for the baby welcoming party. I used these totally adorable baby shower invites to tell our friends and family that a princess has been born!

I love that Basic Invite makes it so simple to customize your stationery. I’m allll about the bright colors, especially when I have baby girls, so of course, our invites are bright pink and yellow. (Some of you readers might even remember when my whole site was bright pink, yellow, and blue!)

The Easiest Way for Busy Moms to Do Birth Announcements with Basic Invite!

How to Get Basic Invite Birth Announcements or Baby Shower Invites

You can get Basic Invite birth announcements on their website. I highly recommend you order some during your third trimester so that you can use your last few weeks of pregnancy getting them all ready for when your baby is born. Use the “next Saturday” tip if you aren’t positive when your baby welcoming party will be, and you’ll be well on your way to actually enjoying your birth announcements instead of dreading them!

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