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It’s finally January, and people everywhere are thinking about setting resolutions and goals for the new year.

While most New Year’s Resolutions fail, I do think it’s important to take some time to set intentions for the new year.

So I want to share three important New Year’s goals for parents of Autistic children that will help you and your child have your best year yet.

A picture of a journal that says "This Is Your Year". Underneath that text reads: 3 Super Important New Year's Goals for Parent-Advocates

3 New Year’s Goals for Parents of Autistic Children

If we haven’t met yet, hey friend, I’m Kaylene

And I am an Autistic adult and parent-coach that helps parents of autistic children drop the “autism mom” label and become the parent-advocate that their kids truly need.

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Goal #1: Accommodate Your Child

Accommodating your child is always the first focus I recommend for parents of Autistic children because it truly is the one thing that will make the biggest difference for your entire family.

This goal is all about finding the specific accommodations that work for your unique Autistic child.

It’s so important to help your child feel safe and regulated the majority of the time because it will help with meltdowns, aggression, and even self-harm.

You should definitely focus on Accommodating Your Child if…

  • Your child is struggling with meltdowns, aggression, or self-harming behaviors
  • You are at a loss because you desperately want to help your child but you don’t know how
  • It feels like everything you try just makes everything worse for your child

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Goal #2: Balance Your Family Life

Balancing your family life is the next focus I recommend because once your child is feeling safe and regulated, the rest of your family is probably feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

This goal is all about figuring out how to navigate boundaries and start building your Autistic child’s life skills that allow them to succeed in a society that wasn’t built for them.

It’s so important to really focus on this stage because it’s when you start to prepare your child for the “real world” so that you know they’ll be okay even when you aren’t there to handle everything for them.

You should definitely focus on Balancing Your Family Life if…

  • Your child feels safe and regulated most of the time and gets through the day without massive struggles
  • You and your family feel like you’re walking on eggshells to keep your Autistic child feeling safe and regulated
  • You’re starting to feel like your whole life is run by a tiny dictator and you don’t know what to do

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Goal #3: Create Change Through Advocacy

Creating change through advocacy is the final focus I recommend for parents of Autistic children because it straight up will not work if you haven’t already successfully accommodated your child and navigated boundaries together.

This goal is all about advocating effectively for your Autistic child and empowering them to advocate for their own wants and needs.

It’s super important to share your understanding and advocate for the accommodations your child needs and strategies that work for your child with their community.

And it’s even more important that we start building those self-advocacy skills for your child so that their needs are being met even when you aren’t there.

You should definitely focus on Creating Change Through Advocacy if…

  • You have a really strong understanding of the accommodations and strategies that work for your child
  • You feel like your child’s needs are mostly met, but that falls apart the second they leave the house
  • Your child’s needs aren’t being met at school, at their grandma’s, or at cub scouts, but they aren’t sure how to advocate for themselves

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Now you might be left thinking “okay, this sounds great, but HOW do I actually reach these goals?

  • How do I figure out what accommodations my child actually need?
  • How do I set and navigate boundaries when my child loses their mind whenever they don’t get their way?
  • And how the heck am I supposed to stand up for my child when their team just talks *at* me and never listens?”

I teach all about how to set realistic boundaries AND handle behaviors without resorting to manipulation or ABA tactics in my Embracing Autism Accelerator Program.

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