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We are nearing the end of our 10 days of back to homeschool prep series! We’ve created our routines, chosen our curriculum, and now we’ve arrived at the first day back to homeschool! But how do we make that first day back to homeschool feel special for our kids? Thankfully I put together this list of 6 super fun first day back to homeschool traditions for you to choose from!

6 Super Fun First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions!

6 Super Fun First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions!

Have a Special Back to Homeschool Breakfast

This might not apply if you make a special breakfast every day, but if you’re a cold-cereal kind of mama like me, this would be a great way to make the first day of school special!

This could be as simple as making some chocolate chip pancakes, or you could even go get some hot cocoas at Starbucks! Anything to make the morning special is going to set your day off to a great start!

Wrap Up The Homeschool Books

Okay, so your kids might not be as nerdy excited as I am about new school supplies and books, but it’s always fun to unwrap presents!

How fun to wrap up each kids’ books and new supplies so they get to open them before starting their homeschool day?

Homeschool Outside for the First Day Back

This works better if you’re in a state where it stays somewhat warm, or if you start school while it’s still warm outside. I live in Washington where weather is completely unpredictable, so we’ll have to wait and see for this one!

Homeschooling outside can help the kids transition from playing outside all day to homeschooling. They don’t feel like they’re missing out on the last few days of sun if they get to work outside!

*added bonus, you can point out that the public school kids are stuck in their classrooms!*

6 Super Fun First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions!

Homeschool In Your Jammies

This is another fun way to start your homeschool year and help your kids transition. In my house, we have jammie days at least weekly, but if you typically all get dressed before school then host a jammie day!

Everyone is more comfortable in their jammies and it really helps keep what could be a stressful day calm and fun!

Have a Homeschool Read In

Do you remember read-ins from when you were in school? We had them in elementary school and it was always my favorite day! We all got to come to school in our jammies and bring blankies and pillows. We spent the whole day snuggly and comfy reading whatever books we loved.

Why not take that public school tradition and apply it to your first day back to homeschool?! I know that I’d love to spend the first day snuggled up with the boys and some good books!

Take Some First Day Back to Homeschool Photos

Our kids are growing faster than we could ever imagine. We need to make sure to take as many photos as possible to remember the small changes they make each year.

Plus, first day photos are adorable! Who doesn’t want more pictures of their kids? You can also use the pictures for scrapbooking or memory books for your kids when they graduate.

Having a few fun first day of homeschool traditions also helps our kids see the first day back to homeschool as a big deal. It helps to mark a fun beginning to a very successful year ahead, and it can really help to ease back into homeschooling.

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