• 3 Strategies to Accommodate Your Autistic Child

    If there’s one thing that all of my clients have in common, it’s the fact that they desperately want to accommodate their Autistic child. “I just wish I could help them feel comfortable” “I can’t seem to help him stay regulated” “She’s so frustrated that we don’t understand what she needs” Parent-advocates want to help […]

  • 4 Simple Steps to Autism-Positive Parenting

    Don’t do this! Never do that! What kind of parent would do that? Don’t you know that’s abusive?! Are you tired of everyone and their brother telling you that EVERYTHING you do for your Autistic child is absolutely wrong? Especially because it feels like no one out there tells you what you SHOULD do? Well […]

  • When Will My Autistic Child Talk is the Wrong Question

    I have a lot of readers who find my blog when their autistic child was diagnosed recently, or even while they’re waiting for their child’s official diagnosis. And oftentimes, their child is non-speaking or really struggles to communicate verbally. The first question I’m asked is often, “when will my autistic child talk?” And I get […]