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Friends, I am so excited to share a guest post with you today from my sweet friend Jenn at The Art of Better Blogging. She helps bloggers take their blog and business to the next level, and I’m excited to have her sharing 8 things that all successful bloggers know!

Although every blogger defines success in a slightly different way, there are a few common threads that run through the journey of blogging regardless of that definition.

Sometimes it can seem like successful bloggers know all the secrets that the newbies are dying for! Here are 8 things that all successful bloggers know!

1. Another blogger’s success does not diminish or hinder your success.

There’s enough to go around. Enough readers, enough opportunity, enough clients, enough love… you name it. Always seek to lift others up instead of chopping them down out of fear. Share generously, even when it’s from someone in the same niche.

2. You can’t blog well in a vacuum.

Support and camaraderie with other bloggers are essential to feeling like you’re not just talking to yourself. Your IRL family and friends have no idea really what you do, so you need to be able to talk to people who do.

3. Authenticity matters.

If you’re putting on a show or trying to seem like something you’re not, that way of existing fast becomes unsustainable. It will drain the joy out of blogging. Be you, even if that’s not in line with the current trends or guidelines. Your peeps will find you.

4. Blogger karma is a real thing, ladies and gentlemen.

Be kind. Always be ready to offer support, kudos or encouragement to any fellow blogger that needs it. Be generous with your time when you can and treat others as you would like to be treated, even if it’s just over the internet.

Sometimes it can seem like successful bloggers know all the secrets that the newbies are dying for! Here are 8 things that all successful bloggers know!

5. Be nice to the newbies.

Yes, a brand new blogger generally asks the same four questions over and over. That’s ok! It’s all part of the learning process, and we were all there at one point or another. Thankfully a snarky or harsh comment didn’t scare you off early, or you’d never be where you are today.

6. If you don’t have a passion for blogging, you’re not likely to make it past the one year mark.

Blogging can be amazing and open up more doors than you ever thought possible. It can also be one of the most frustrating and confusing professions/hobbies out there. Your passion will propel you through the rough times and keep you from hitting the big delete button, even though you kind of want to sometimes.

7. Blogging can take over your life if you let it.

It’s so easy to become glued to the computer or phone since there’s always something else to do. You have to know when to put the phone down and focus on life and the loved ones around you. If you don’t refill the well from time to time, your creativity will dry up.

8. What’s popular today will be completely different tomorrow.

Remember your haircut from 10, 20, or even 30 years ago? Yikes. Blog trends are always evolving in the same way that style is always evolving. Be careful not to jump on the trendy train too fast or you can end up in an awkward spot pretty quickly. Remember when MIDI background music on blogs was a thing? Enough said.

What would you add to the list? What do you wish you’d known as a newbie blogger that you know for sure now?

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