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(Inside: These are the absolute best arctic animal books for kids! They’re super fun and my kids have a blast reading them during an arctic animal unit study!)

This year in our homeschool, we’re working on doing more unit studies to really incorporate the kids’ interests into our learning.

See, A-Man already isn’t the biggest fan of school, so it’s so much easier to get him willing to work if he likes what he’s doing.

I was brainstorming winter themes we could do and realized it would be super fun to do an Arctic Animal Unit Study with the boys!

I made some fun printable activities, and realized that I definitely needed a book list.

What’s a unit study without books?!

So I decided to take a look on Amazon (guys, I’m a liiiiiiittle dangerous with Amazon prime…) and I found all these super fun Arctic Animals books for kids that I just had to share with you guys!

Super Fun Arctic Animal Books for Kids

Some of these arctic animal books are perfect for preschoolers, while some are better for older kiddos.

We found some that Mr. C (4th grade) is super excited to read, and others that are more picture books for Cap’n M (preschool), and everything in between!

Check them out on Amazon or see if you can find some of them at your local library!

We love finding new books to check out, and what’s more fun than arctic animals this time of year!?

Books About Arctic Animals for Kids



So many super fun arctic animal books for kids!

Even if we spent the whole month learning about arctic animals, I don’t think we’d have time to read them all!

The boys are most excited to learn about penguins… They’re Mr. C’s favorite animal ever.

Cap’n M is pretty excited about the arctic fox as well…

Oh! Maybe we’ll take a trip to the zoo soon to see how many arctic animals we can find!

The Absolute Best Arctic Animal Books for Kids