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Since we learned that A-Man is autistic two years ago, a LOT has changed.

We learned that I’m also autistic.

We learned that autism (in our family) may be caused by a genetic abnormality called Fragile X.

We learned that autism isn’t a negative thing at all, and we started to truly embrace our autism.

100+ Things to Know About Autism

100+ Things to Know About Autism

It’s been an outrageous few years, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you, in case you’re not quite as far along on your journey as we are.

So I decided to put together these 100 Things to Know About Autism.

There’s actually a bit more than 100…. Because, why not, right?

And I’ll continue to update this post with new things I learn, so be sure to pin it on Pinterest so you can check it again and again!

Things to Know About Parenting an Autistic Child

5 Crazy Secrets That They Don’t Tell You About Autism

Yes, I’m “Sensitive” for My Autistic Son

When the Doctor Said My Son’s Autism was Just My Parenting

4 Simple Words All Autism Moms Need to Know

Super Simple Ways to Deal with Judgements About Autism

3 Stupid Simple Ways Millennials Can Avoid Raising Brats

Encouraging Bible Verses for Special Needs Moms

I Am THAT Mom With the Screaming Kids in the Grocery Store

Dear Mom of an Autistic Child: You Can Do This

5 Things to Remember When Autism Zaps Your Energy

Keeping Friendships After an Autism Diagnosis

Dear Mom At the Park, Here’s What I Wish You Knew…

Resting and Self-Care for Autism Mamas

When Autism is Ugly

Scripture for Special Needs | Encouragement for the Days You’ve Had Enough

Get Your Copy of Scripture for Special Needs Moms Here!

Forgiving Myself for Denying the Signs of Autism

What Happens if I Spoil My Child with Autism

Hyper-vigilance and Mothering a Child with Autism

How Raising a Child with Autism Teaches Me Global Citizenship

Autism and Wandering: What One Mom Wants You to Know

Autism Planner Workbook

Things to Know About the Initial Autism Diagnosis

To the Mom Who Just Received Her Child’s Autism Diagnosis

Then She Asked, “Are you autistic?” (The story of my own autism journey)

What Autistics Wish You Knew About Your Autistic Child

How (And Why) You Should Find Your Autism Tribe Online

Explaining Autism

5 Simple Reasons it Seems Like Everyone is Autistic These Days

The Wide Spectrum: Why I Hate Functioning Labels

Thankful for Diagnoses

Thoughts on Official Autism Diagnosis

Join the Facebook Group for Autistic Self-Advocates and Parents of Autistic Kids!

What to Do After an Autism Diagnosis

Tips and Tales from a Reformed Anti-Labeler

Early Signs of Autism to Look For

Therapies to Explore After an Autism Diagnosis

Things to Know About Autism Coping Strategies

3 Simple Ways to Help Your Autistic Child Make Friends

Everything You Need to Know About PECS

4 Simple Reasons to Get Your Child a Weighted Blanket

Failing My Son and the Routines He Can’t Explain

100 Calm Down Tools Printable

Autism Therapy Options That May Surprise You

Learning to Be Gentle with Fish Toys

The Music Pillow that Changed My Son’s Sleep

Is Your Church Autism-Friendly?

The Parent's Guide to Understanding Autism Meltdowns

Personal Hygiene and Bathroom Resources for Autistic Kids and Teens

Why Aquatic Therapy is a Great Choice for Your Autistic Child

How Visual Schedules Help With Time Management

How to Get Started With PECS for Your Autistic Child

4 Steps to Managing Aggressive Behaviors

13 Powerful Phrases to Calm an Angry Child

Free Printables for Autistic Children

Sleep Strategies for Kids with Autism

Everyday Sensory Play Book

3 Super Simple Steps to Help Angry Children Recognize Triggers

Mealtime Strategies for Kids with Hyperlexia or Autism

The Benefits of Using Visual Schedules

When Food is Your Child’s Enemy

How to Help a Child with Autism With Change

Why I Play For a Living (An intro to play therapy!)

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Things to Know About Understanding Your Autistic Child

The Behavior Workshop Free 4-Part Series to Understand Your Child’s Difficult Behavior


5 Things to Understand About Autism and Communication

The Parent’s Guide to Understanding Autism Meltdowns

Sensory Struggles and Autism

Literature: The Best Books About Autism

The Real Problem with Autism Functioning Labels

4 Simple Ways to Tell a Tantrum from a Sensory Meltdown

Autism in Girls And How It’s Different Than Boys

Uniquely Human

Eating Struggles for Autistic Children

Autism in Boys

Get the Autism Book: What I Wish I Knew When I Got His Diagnosis

Things to Know About Autism Advocacy

Self-Advocacy Explained: The Practical Guide to Autism for Parents

Person-First or Identity Language?

When You Don’t Fit in Autism Support Groups

4 Simple Reasons I Don’t Support Autism Speaks

Yes, I Say He’s Autistic: And Other Reasons I’m an Unpopular Autism Mama

What All Parents Should Know About Disabled Self-Advocates

What in the World is the Neurodiversity Movement?

5 Shocking Reasons Not to “Light It Up Blue” This April

The Ridiculously Simple Way to Know if Something is Ableist


Autism Organizations

Vaccines and Autism (Why This Belief is Problematic)

The Story of Understanding and Overcoming an Autism Diagnosis (By an Autistic Author!)

The Superkids Guide to Conquering Every Day

Temple Grandin Unit Study

100+ Things to Know About Autism

Things to Know About Homeschooling Autistic Kids

Is Homeschooling My Autistic Son Hurting Other Kids?

Autism-Friendly Kindergarten Curriculum

Independent Fine Motor Activity for Autistic Preschoolers

Ridiculously Simple ABC Sensory Bin for Autistic Preschoolers

Inclusion and Autistic Kids

Super Simple and Fun Farm Sensory Bottle for Autistic Preschoolers

What You Need to Know, Mrs. Betsy Devos

Free Social Scripts

Autism and Montessori Practical Life

Simple Transition Strategies for Autistic Kids

Homeschooling My Autistic Child

How to Homeschool Your Child with Special Needs

I-Spy Printable Bundles

Things to Know About Autism and Anxiety

10 Day Calming Series

Sensory Friendly Anxiety Kits

How to Create a Calm Down Kit for Autistic and Anxious Kids

Autism and Anxiety: Making the Decision to Medicate

The Difference Between ODD and Rigidity in Autistic Kids

100+ Things to Know About Autism


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