• 50+ Spooky & Fun Halloween Snacks for Kids

    It’s Halloween time, and that means we’re entering candy-central! As an admitted chocolate lover, I love having all the fun-sized candies hanging around. This holiday is great for my sweet tooth, but not so great for my waistline! Thankfully, there are a ton more Halloween treats than just candy! I put together this epic list […]

  • 100+ Spooky & Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

    Halloween is A-Man’s absolute favorite holiday. By the end of August, we’ve started hearing all about orange pumpkins and spooky ghosts! The whole Halloween season just brings him so much joy, that we try to make the most of it every single year! Typically I’m not an “activity mom”, but when it comes to A-Man […]

  • 35+ Super Spooky & Fun Halloween Books for Kids

    A-Man’s very favorite holiday is Halloween. From the end of August to practically Thanksgiving all this kid talks about are orange pumpkins, spooky ghosts, and trick or treating! We spend months practicing how to trick or treat nicely and how to say “please and thank you” to our neighbors, but this year we thought we’d […]

  • 25+ Totally Adorable Halloween Costumes for Girls

    I know it seems like we’re barely headed back to school, but Halloween is going to be here before you know it! I still remember the year I got my son’s costume the day before Halloween and there was literally three choices left in his size! Since then I’ve vowed to prepare early each year! […]

  • 6 Simple Steps to Have a Sensory-Friendly Halloween

    A-Man is obsessed with Halloween. It’s his very favorite holiday. He gets so excited seeing all of the pumpkins, ghosts, and spoooooooky witches! Plus, he gets loads of candy! What could be better? Unfortunately, his favorite holiday isn’t always very sensory friendly. Between the itchy costumes and the many back-to-back social interactions while trick-or-treating, it […]

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    If you know me in real life you’ll know that Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and it always has been! There’s something about the whole season that just brings so much joy. Growing up Christmas was always a huge deal in our house. We’d start writing our wishlists on Thanksgiving and we’d wake up […]