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Halloween is A-Man’s absolute favorite holiday. By the end of August, we’ve started hearing all about orange pumpkins and spooky ghosts! The whole Halloween season just brings him so much joy, that we try to make the most of it every single year! Typically I’m not an “activity mom”, but when it comes to A-Man and Halloween? I’ll find my inner Pinterest Mom and find something super fun! While it may seem like we just went back to school, Halloween is right around the corner, so I’ve put together this collection of 100+ super fun Halloween activities for kids!

100+ Spooky & Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Some of these are sensory Halloween activities, some are printables, some are learning activities, and others are crafts. You are bound to find a ton of super fun Halloween activities that are the perfect fit for your kids in this huge collection!

Free Printable Halloween Candy Graphing Activity

While you’re here you can grab this FREE Printable Halloween Candy Graphing Activity! We had so much fun with this in our homeschool!

100+ Super Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

100+ Spooky & Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Whew. That was a lot. Seriously, I can’t believe I found so many super fun Halloween activities. I can’t wait to try some of these with A-Man and see how much he loves them! But I just want to take a time-out to encourage you. If you don’t have time to do 100+ activities for Halloween, that’s 100% fine. I don’t have time for that many either. I included all of these because I know some will be an awesome fit and others won’t be. If your kid’s craft doesn’t look like the blog post, that’s totally fine! Use these as inspiration and create a unique project just for your family! You don’t have to be a magical Pinterest Mom to make Halloween special for your kids. You’re doing awesome already!

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