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Mr. C wants to be a scientist. He could spend hours telling me all about volcanoes, ocean life, space, dinosaurs, and literally anything science related. I can barely make it through a conversation without falling asleep.

Of course I want to encourage his love of science, but I need some serious help with that. I need an elementary homeschool science curriculum that can be done semi-independently and keeps both of us engaged and interested.

Totally Awesome Elementary Homeschool Science

This elementary homeschool science curriculum is totally awesome! Mr. C loves it!

(This post is sponsored by Real Science 4 Kids. I was given the curriculum to try and compensated for my time. I wasn’t required to give a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my full disclosure here.)

Why Use a Traditional Homeschool Science Curriculum

If it were 100% up to me, I’d use traditional homeschool curriculum for all subjects. I am a huge fan of textbooks and workbooks. Of course I have to take my kiddos’ learning styles into account when choosing curriculum.

Luckily, Mr. C loves traditional curriculum! That kid could read textbooks all day.

I think it’s important for kids to be well-rounded in science, and a traditional science curriculum provides a really great understanding and experience with the scientific process.

The key with using a traditional science curriculum in the early elementary grades is finding ways to keep the learning fresh and exciting. I’m not really great at making learning more fun, so luckily I’ve found this wonderful curriculum that does it for me!

This elementary homeschool science curriculum is totally awesome! Mr. C loves it!

Real Science 4 Kids Homeschool Curriculum

Real Science 4 Kids is a homeschooling science curriculum for elementary students. Each year’s curriculum comes with a student text book, a laboratory notebook, and a teacher’s guide.

The text book had really nice illustrations and was engaging enough to keep Mr. C interested. The text was broken into manageable chunks and the explanations of abstract topics were really clear. Mr. C was able to read his text book to himself, and he felt really proud as he mastered new concepts.

The laboratory notebook is amazing. It is filled with different science experiments that really solidify the learning from the text book, and they’re all simple for me to put together and assist with. We also liked that the activities were age appropriate and exciting!

The teachers guide helps me prepare before each lesson so I know exactly what I need to do before the lesson begins. I can take a quick check at the beginning of the week and make sure that I have all of the materials that I need for the week. My husband appreciates that there aren’t any last-minute calls for him to stop on the way home! (At least not for a science material….)

This elementary homeschool science curriculum is totally awesome! Mr. C loves it!

Multi-Topic Science Curriculum

RS4K is a multi-topic science curriculum that covers five different science disciplines, chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. I love that this curriculum gives some information into all of the different sciences. This way we don’t ever get bored on one topic.

This also gives Mr. C a broad picture understanding of science, since there is so much overlap within all of the different disciplines. Plus it makes sure that we aren’t just focusing on those that I tend to be most comfortable.

What We Love About Real Science 4 Kids Curriculum

We have had so much fun using Real Science 4 Kids that it’s our main science homeschool curriculum this year! I love that it is a curriculum that Mr. C can do semi-independently on some days. He enjoys his text book and he can work through the lab questions on his own after we do experiments.

I also love that RS4K is helping us work through learning the scientific process and applying it to different experiments and topics. I’ve always struggled with the scientific method, so having a strong curriculum takes away a lot of that stress for me.

This elementary homeschool science curriculum is totally awesome! Mr. C loves it!

How to Get Real Science 4 Kids Homeschool Curriculum

You can get Real Science 4 Kids Building Blocks of Science for your homeschool here! I highly recommend it for busy moms who want to give their child a strong foundation in science and need a little help. Or a lot of help, like me.