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Parenting an autistic child?
I can help!


Ready to become the parent-advocate your Autistic child needs without walking on eggshells, unintentionally harming your child, or spending every second arguing with the school?

If you’re ready to drop the “autism mom” badge and become the parent-advocate your Autistic child needs, but you need someone who’s been there done that to guide the way…

I’d like to invite you to the Embracing Autism Accelerator!

headshot of Kaylene George, writer of Autistic Mama blog, Embracing Autism, and Positive Parenting Scripts

Hello friend,

I'm Kaylene,

I’m an autistic mom of six neurodiverse kiddos, and I help parents just like you become the best parent, advocate, and autism ally you can be!

Here’s the deal. Parenting autistic children in a society that doesn’t understand them can be really difficult.. but it doesn’t have to be!

Around here we think your autistic child is awesome and so are you.

So throw your hair in a mom bun, pour a fresh cup of coffee, and let me walk with you on your autism journey.

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I know this is quite the learning process, but you are the absolute best parent for your autistic child.

You can do this, friend!

Check out the resources!

Autism Journey
Diagnosis Journal

The only diagnosis journal written by an Autistic adult AND parent of an Autistic child that walks you step-by-step through processing your child’s autism diagnosis.

Free Autism
Diagnosis Posters

Get your 3-Pack of printable posters with Diagnosis Journal Prompts, Neurodiversity Mindset Shifts, and the core functions of Autism-Positive Parenting!

Positive Parenting Scripts Digital Book

Calmly respond when your child misbehaves without yelling, snapping, or punishing because you just don’t know what else to do.

5 Shifts to Effective Boundaries for Neurodivergent Kids

In this power-packed training, you’ll get answers on how to handle behaviors when you’d rather just hide and avoid the conflict, what to do when you’re not sure a behavior is even in your child’s control, and so much more!

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Kind words & Such

  • “Kaylene’s insight and understanding of autism is a bonus to the program. Her positive perspectives are so helpful no matter what your child’s struggles”

    – Ellon
  • “Knowing Kaylene has littles that have difficulties too makes her very relatable. It’s always nice to see her smiling face on the calls and hear her perspective”

    – Stephanie
  • “I am so appreciative of Kaylene and her cheerfulness. She keeps things fun during our calls and helps keep the group on track. Kaylene is quick to offer encouragement, support, and a virtual hug.”

    – Dolana

Let's Chat

When your child was diagnosed, they should have handed you an autistic adult’s phone number...

…instead of a bunch of useless pamphlets and therapy brochures.

But this is the next best thing!

You, me, and a drink of choice chatting about your specific struggles in parenting your autistic child. Together we’ll map out a step-by-step strategy so that you never feel stuck wondering what to do again!

Autism Journey Workshop

Find clarity in the challenging terrain of conflicting information, and discover techniques to support your Autistic child lovingly– and regain a sense of calm in your everyday life!

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