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I wouldn’t doubt for a second that you have a cell phone. Everyone has one these days. In fact, you may even be reading this on your smart phone right now! Since cell phone use has completely exploded across the world, fewer and fewer people are seeing the value in having a home phone.

In my humble opinion? Every mom still needs a home phone. Whether your kids are preschoolers that are barely learning phone numbers or teenagers who won’t stop texting, you should have a central phone in your home.

Every Mom Needs a Home Phone

Even in a world where everyone has a cell phone, every mom still needs a home phone. With Ooma telephone service, it's not only affordable, but free!

A Quick Way to Reach the Whole Family

When every person in a family has a cell phone, it can be difficult to know who to call. Do you call the mom and ask to talk to the kids? Do you call each person to chat with them?

With a home phone, friends and family can have a central phone number to call to quickly reach the whole family. You can reach whoever is home and not busy instead of calling everyone’s phone to wait until someone answers.

Seriously, without a home phone, Chris’s parents would call his phone, then mine, then his again before they finally got ahold of us. With a home phone, they’d reach us so much quicker!

Teaching Simple Phone Etiquette

When you have a cell phone, you know that whoever is calling it is trying to get ahold of you. You also know who’s calling before you answer. Because of this, kids today don’t really learn phone etiquette.

Having a home phone lets our kids practice simple things like answering politely and finding the family member that the caller wants to talk to, and with only cell phones they just wouldn’t be able to try that!

Blocking Unwanted Calls and Preserving Family Time

From telemarketers to pre-recorded politicians, unwanted calls can get really annoying.

When I started my own business, I started getting tons of calls offering me spammy services or asking me to fill out surveys. They always seemed to call while I was working, or homeschooling, or during family dinner.

With the Ooma Telo device you can easily block unwanted calls and telemarketers, that way they won’t interrupt your family time.

Even in a world where everyone has a cell phone, every mom still needs a home phone. With Ooma telephone service, it's not only affordable, but free!

Independent Communication for Kids

When Mr. C wants to talk to someone, he would have to ask Chris or me to use one of our cell phones because he doesn’t have one yet. This can be a struggle sometimes because Chris and I both use our cell phones nearly constantly.

With a home phone, he has a little bit more independence when it comes to talking to people outside of our immediate household.

This especially helps if your family doesn’t live close and you want your kids to have more access to talking to grandparents!

Potential Savings

If you have a kid who is close to the age of wanting a cell phone, having a home phone can help delay that for a few years.

Because if your kids have access to a phone to call friends and family whenever they’re at home, they’re less likely to really need a cell phone.

Plus with the Ooma Telo service you only pay taxes and fees, and the actual phone service is free! You don’t get much more affordable than that!

Ooma Telo Service

The Ooma Telo device and service is the most affordable way to get reliable home phone service. The service itself is free, and you pay only the taxes and fees that apply in your area. You can calculate your potential savings here.

Oh, and if you do head over to calculate your savings, come back here and comment with how much you would save to enter to win an awesome giveaway from Ooma!

The Ooma Telo device hooks into your home internet connection to allow you to make calls over the internet with crystal clear sound.

You can access your voicemail online, on the Ooma Telo device, or on your cell phone.

You can also easily block unwanted calls from telemarketers!

Having a home phone is still extremely valuable, even in this cell phone crazy world. Whether you use the home phone only for emergencies, to block unwanted calls, or to teach your kids phone etiquette, it’s worth having a home phone around.

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