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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I realized that I am running out of time for all the fun Valentine’s Day activities!

See, my older kiddos are leaving for my ex’s house the week before Valentine’s Day, so I have to squeeze two weeks of fun into one!

Okay, confession time. If you’re new around here, activities aren’t my forte.

I’m actually more that mom who likes to read and do workbooks than that mom who comes up with fun themed activities on the fly.

But this year I’m on a quest to be a more fun mom, and part of that is finding (or making) activities that are super fun for the kids, and super simple for this tired mama!

And this super fun hearts and flowers I-Spy? It TOTALLY fits the bill!

Super Fun Hearts and Flowers I-Spy Free Printable for Kids #FreePrintable #ISpy #KidsActivity #Printables #ihsnet #homeschooling #homeschoolingmama

Super Fun Hearts and Flowers I-Spy Free Printable for Kids

See, I love kids activities that don’t require me to be crafty.

That one time I made lanterns for Halloween is about as crafty as I’ll ever get!

But I am totally down for some printable activities.

I use HP Instant Ink so I never run out, and I can print all the activities I want!

How to Use the Hearts and Flowers I-Spy

This hearts and flowers I-Spy printable is wicked simple to use with your kids.

If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t use it!

First you’ll follow the directions below to download the printable.

Once it’s downloaded, print it out. Again, I recommend HP Instant Ink.

Then your kiddos will “spy” the different hearts and flowers on the I-Spy sheet, and write how many they find on the counting sheet!

How I-Spys Help Kids Developmentally

If you haven’t had your kids do I-Spy’s, you totally need to!

They’re such a good activity for kids of all ages!

A-Man (6) is autistic and Cap’n M (4) has a developmental delay, and we use I-Spys all the time to help their visual processing skills.

Not to mention the kids are working on counting, handwriting, number recognition, and more!

Super Fun Hearts and Flowers I-Spy Free Printable for Kids #FreePrintable #ISpy #KidsActivity #Printables #ihsnet #homeschooling #homeschoolingmama

Get the Hearts and Flowers I-Spy

You can download the Hearts and Flowers I-Spy TOTALLY FREE by entering your information below.

Or you can get the FULL BUNDLE HERE!

This bundle has three super fun I-Spy activities that are just adorable!

  • Princess Palace
  • Hearts and Flowers
  • Unicorn Adventure

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