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Before having kids, my knowledge of fine motor skills was pretty basic. I mean, kids learned handwriting around preschool or kindergarten, what else was there to know? It turns out, there’s a lot to know about fine motor skills at all stages of development! From babies learning their pincer grasp to preschoolers learning to hold their pencils, there are about a million steps in between. So this week I’ve decided to share five days of fine motor fun to take the stress out of adding fine motor practice to your homeschool!

Five Days of Fine Motor Fun for Homeschool Moms!

Five Days of Fine Motor Fun for Homeschool Moms

I learned a lot more about the importance of fine motor skills when A-Man and Cap’n M both needed occupational therapy as toddlers. I had no idea how important it was that kids developed their fine motor skills on a specific timeline, and how much work could go into learning those skills. I have spent my time since finding ways to make fine motor fun!

Why is Fine Motor Practice So Important?

When you think about fine motor skills, your brain may instantly go to handwriting like mine did. Handwriting is a huge part of using fine motor skills, but there is so much more than that! We use fine motor skills every time we eat, type, put on makeup, or even open doors.

Developing fine motor skills in early childhood helps to set your kids up for success for the rest of their childhood and adult lives. It’s really important to practice different fine motor skills every single day, and it’s super simple to add fine motor practice to your homeschool!

Does Fine Motor Practice Have to Be Boring?

I pinky promise, fine motor practice does not have to be boring! It doesn’t mean spending hours writing the same letters over and over and over again. What kid would learn to love writing if that was what they thought they had to do to get better?

Over this five day series, you’ll learn tons of fun and simple ways to practice fine motor skills that your kids will actually enjoy! From pounding pegs with a hammer to cutting activities, there’s a ton of activities that you and your kids will love.

Five Days of Fine Motor Fun for Homeschool Moms!

Where Can I Find Simple Fine Motor Practice Tools?

Some of my favorite simple fine motor practice tools are made by Fundanoodle. You can click on any of the pictures below to find more information!

The Fundanoodle I Can Pound Kit is a simple independent fine motor activity for autistic preschoolers that develops their hand strength while they have fun!

A Five Day Fine Motor Fun Series

I’ll write a new fine motor fun post each day, and as they go live the links below will turn blue. Check back every morning to find the next post in the series!

A Fine Motor Fun Giveaway Just For You!

Oh, and as if this fine motor fun series wasn’t enough fun, we’re also having a super fun fine motor basket giveaway! This basket is filled with tons of fun fine motor activities and resources for you! If you win, you’ll receive:

  • An I Can Cut! Activity Book – That INCLUDES the best scissors ever that we’ll chat about during our cutting post on Wednesday!
  • Get The Wiggles Out – A super simple and fun game that gives wiggly kids a brain break!
  • Upper Case AND Lower Case Muscle Movers – A fun way to practice letter recognition and handwriting while moving big muscles!
  • Basics of Fine Motor Skills – An eBook by Heather of Growing Hands On Kids that covers all you’ll need to know about fine motor skills for your kids!

This awesome basket is worth about $75, and it will get you off to a great start at including fine motor skills practice into your homeschool this year!

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Five Days of Fine Motor Fun for Homeschool Moms!

This basket is just one of a ton of super fun homeschool baskets that you can enter to win this week during the back to homeschool gift basket event with the iHomeschool Network! Click the image below to check out all the fun giveaways!

Five Days of Fine Motor Fun for Homeschool Moms!