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Every mom gets more than a bit overwhelmed when their child gets an autism diagnosis. It’s completely understandable! Your life becomes a bit consumed with therapies, routines, and research and it can become hard to relate to your typical mom-friends.

That’s why we all need an autism-mom tribe. But it isn’t always easy to find a tribe of like-minded autism mamas to connect with. That’s why I found my autism-mom tribe online.

How (and Why) I Found My Autism-Mom Tribe Online

Finding an autism-mom tribe can be difficult, but every mom of an autistic child needs one! I found mine online, and I'm sharing how you can too!

Why You Need an Autism-Mom Tribe

Every autism-mom needs an autism-mom tribe. Every. Single. One. Yes, even those of us like me who 100% embrace neurodiversity, autism acceptance, and disability advocates. There is a common phrase that goes around the autism community – “warrior moms”. That’s not what I’m saying you need, trust me! You don’t need a place to complain about your autistic child or act like they’re a burden on you.

You do, however, need a place where you can get real help from moms who’ve been where you are. A place where you can celebrate wins that your other friends won’t understand. A place where you won’t be told to “spank the autism” out of your child or to “just make them eat“.

All moms need a tribe that understands what they’re going through. Even more so when parents have specific circumstances that the rest of the parenting world doesn’t really understand.

Why It’s Hard to Find an Autism-Mom Tribe

Finding an autism-mom tribe can be surprisingly difficult. It isn’t as easy as chatting with the moms in the waiting room of your therapy clinic. See, there are so many different ways to feel about autism. I’m a big neurodiversity advocate. If a mom started chatting with me about a cure, we wouldn’t get along great.

Beyond that, autism-moms are busy busy ladies. We don’t have time to spend hours chatting on the phone, and we barely ever have time to meet in person. Let alone the fact that if we met in person we’d spend more time helping our kiddos through the overwhelming environment than we would talking and connecting.

Finding an autism-mom tribe can be difficult, but every mom of an autistic child needs one! I found mine online, and I'm sharing how you can too!

Why I Found My Autism-Mom Tribe Online

With all of those troubles stacked against me, I turned to the one place I know best, online. I grew up online. I work online. I write online. I’m comfortable online. Naturally, this is where I’d best find my autism-mom tribe.

I actually didn’t set out to find my tribe. I just started to connect. Because the autism-moms in the online world tend to find each other. Whether it’s in comment threads supporting other moms, in online groups asking the same questions or looking for an understanding ear, or just becoming friends by crazy circumstances.

It turns out that my best-blogging-friend is an autism-mom. She’s become a big part of my autism-mom tribe, and we support each other through our crazy lives.

How to Find Your Autism-Mom Tribe Online

The first step? Read a few blogs written by other autism-moms. Choose a few that you really connect with, and start connecting with them on social media. Notice where they hang out and how they’re connecting with people.

Join a few groups for high needs children. A few of my favorites are Support for Sensory Needs (for all things sensory), Surviving the Storm (for high-needs children, many with aggressive children), and Raising Poppies (this is a group for gifted children, but many of the moms have kids who are 2E, or gifted and disabled).

If you’ve been feeling stuck and like no one in your mom group understands why it’s so exciting that your child said hello to the mailman today or that they made an expressive sentence on their own, you need an autism-mom tribe.

When your child gets an autism diagnosis, it can be scary and overwhelming. But with this ultimate guide to autism resources, you'll be a pro in no time!

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