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Let’s Meet Autistic Mama

If you don’t know already, I’m Kaylene, an autistic, homeschooling, work at home mom of 5 kiddos.

I learned that I’m autistic after my second son, A-Man was diagnosed around his third birthday.

As a girl, and a girl born in the 90’s, I wasn’t diagnosed as a kid.

I tell more about my own autism journey here.

Meet Autistic Mama

The Family Behind the Blog


I haven’t updated this picture yet, because we never get pictures of the whole family.

First I’ll start with my husband, Chris. We met when my oldest boys were almost 2 and almost 3, and we became a family. He’s now a work at home dad and helps me run my businesses (yes, there are more than one, I can’t focus for more than two seconds!)

Mr. C is the oldest. He’ll be 8 soon, and he’s gifted. Gifted in the academic sense, he’s 3-4 grades ahead of where he “should” be, so we homeschool.

A-Man comes next. He’s almost 7 and he’s autistic, dyspraxic, and has anxiety and a few other things.

Cap’n M is next. He’s 4 and has a global developmental delay.

Then we have Miss S (not pictured because she was in my tummy!) who is 2 and so far neurotypical. Though we do suspect some sensory struggles.

And finally Sweet C. She’s 5 months and has already been through quite a journey from being considered “high risk” for having Down Syndrome, to a birth story that I’m still recovering from.

What You’ll Find Here

On this blog you definitely won’t find many recipes, since I don’t cook, and you also won’t find many crafts, as I’m definitely not a Pinterest Mom. However, you will find regular posts about life, love, and a little autism.

I’m still finding my way through all of these journeys, so while there will be plenty of tips and tricks for you, there will also be honest posts about how overwhelming life gets. I pinky promise that you’ll see a whole lot of real life, not picture perfect, moments captured in these blog posts.

This is a place for mama’s who are heating their cup of coffee in the microwave for the third time, hoping they may get to sip some of it while it’s hot. The ones who have beautiful homeschool lesson plans that have completely derailed by the second week of school, and the ones who might even *gasp* let their kiddos watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and feel no guilt about it! You’re welcome here, Mama!

Random Tidbits About Me

Just for fun, I thought I’d throw in ten random things so you can really know the mama behind the blog!

  • I regularly say that I have no time to read anymore, yet I read easily 100 blog posts a week.
  • I once burned cheerios. Like, set them on fire. Reason number 247 why I don’t cook.
  • I will graduate this year with my BS in Marketing Management.
  • When I was little, I could pronounce very difficult words, but I consistently said my favorite color was “lello”.
  • As much as I want to be one of “those ladies” I really hate tea.
  • I got married and had Mr. C at 16, and had A-Man just before my 18th birthday.
  • I am a coffee addict, but I still can’t handle the taste of drip coffee. Espressos for me!
  • I’ve rented houses my entire life, and the longest I’ve lived in any house (that I remember) is 3 years.
  • I am more than a tiny bit obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, and I regularly refer to my best friend as “my person”.
  • I performed any chance I got when I was younger. Singing, acting, cheering, dancing, you name it!

If you’re looking for more, please check out my New? Start Here! page or feel free to contact me. I’d love to chat!

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