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As a new mom I spent hours thinking about what I could possibly fit in my diaper bag. I tried to bring everything I could ever need for my baby, and I quickly learned that there was a ton of stuff I didn’t need. Now, with my fourth baby, I know exactly how to pack the perfect diaper bag! So I’ve decided to share with you these 5 Diaper Bag Hacks for New Moms!

5 Diaper Bag Hacks for New Moms

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

With these 5 diaper bag hacks for new moms you'll pack a diaper bag like an old pro! This is a must-read for all new moms!

  • Get a Backpack Style! When you are bringing your baby anywhere, especially by yourself, you’re going to LOVE having the backpack style diaper bags. Whether you babywear or use an infant car seat carrier, it’s easier to throw on a backpack than to use one of the purse-style diaper bags that slides off your shoulder!
  • Keep an Extra in Your Car! Yes, I am really saying you should have two diaper bags. Why? Because you’re going to forget your diaper bag in the house and desperately need the essentials while you’re out and about. Trust me.
  • Pack an Outfit for Each Kid! Even big kids make messes sometimes, so you’re definitely going to want an extra outfit for every kid you’re taking anywhere.
  • Bring a Snack for Mom! This is the most common mistake I see when new moms are packing their diaper bags. You always bring 5 million things for babies, but you have to bring a snack for mom! Throw in a few granola bars every time you leave the house!
  • Always Pack Extra Wipes! We use wipes for literally everything in this family, so I won’t leave the house without at least two packs of wipes! We love that the WaterWipes don’t break and they don’t have any yucky chemicals that are harsh on baby’s skin!

With these 5 diaper bag hacks for new moms you'll pack a diaper bag like an old pro! This is a must-read for all new moms!

WaterWipes contain only two ingredients (water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract) so I don’t worry about using them with my kids. They’re crazy durable and effective, and they are the perfect safe and natural option for our kids! I love ordering WaterWipes from Walmart.com to keep on hand in my diaper bag at all times! You can find Walmart stores local to you that carry WaterWipes using this convenient store locator! Plus, there’s a pretty epic giveaway going on below!

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