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I ran out of my favorite mascara and put it on my list for when I headed out to the store. I like to make myself feel pretty when I leave the house, you know? I was originally planning on picking up another of the same kind I’ve been using for years the next time I hit the Target.

But then I had a thought to myself, “Didn’t I see my friend selling some new mascara on facebook the other day?” I hopped on facebook and sure enough, I remembered right. A dear friend of mine was selling “Younique” which has magical mascara, and I ended up contacting her and buying mascara from her instead.

3 Simple Reasons to Buy That Mascara Your Friend Sells

What’s my point? It’s incredibly important and easy to support your friend’s business. Whether they have their own products or selling someone else’s through a direct sales business, it’s still super easy for you to support them! So here are 3 simple reasons to buy that mascara your friend is selling.

3 Simple Reasons to Buy That Mascara Your Friend Sells

You’d Be Buying That Mascara Anyway

When I decided to buy that mascara from my friend that day, it was a no-brainer to me. As I explained, I was originally going to stop by a local Target to purchase the item. Target is a widely known store and while I have nothing against them (they’re my absolute favorite store as you all know!), I make an effort to choose small businesses first.

The fact is, I would have bought the mascara anyway. No matter if my friend advertised her product she was selling or not. If you’re going to buy the mascara no matter what, why not buy it from your friend?

You Can Shop However You Want

Most direct sales companies have about a bajillion different ways to buy their products. From mascara to leggings to essential oils, you can buy them however you choose.

Are you an online shopper? Awesome! Don’t leave the house, pour a glass of wine, and shop from your couch in your jammies!

Prefer to really try things first? Check out an in-home party. Plus it gives you an excuse to get out of the house without the kids and have a girls night. For added fun, host a party yourself and get free stuff!

3 Simple Reasons to Buy That Mascara Your Friend Sells

You’ll Be Supporting Your Friend’s Business

If you’re going to buy that mascara anyway, you should buy it from your friend. Why support a local chain store such as Target or Walmart when you can buy that same product from your friend and support her.

Buying that mascara from your friend supports her in many ways. You support her finances with her and her family. You support her dreams. You support her freedom. You support her hard work.

This isn’t just for mascara, either. Whenever you buy anything, consider your friends. If you’re buying new clothes, an energy supplement, new makeup, or something else entirely.

Bottom line is this: when you make a purchase, consider supporting your friend’s business. She can always use your support when you’d be buying that item anyway.