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As a work at home mom, I definitely advocate having many different “baskets” of income at any given time. If you have a blog and all of your income comes from ads, what would you do if your ad network has a bad month? If you are a freelancer and you only have one major client, what will you do if they no longer need your services? It’s scary to think about!

I have been working this year to expand my work at home baskets. I have this blog, which makes a tiny bit of income (thanks to you readers!) my freelancing, which has grown over the last six months to include writing and marketing for creative entrepreneurs, and most recently I’ve added Young Living Essential Oils. Today I’m sharing a bit about my journey with Young Living and how this work at home opportunity works for my family.

Work at Home with Young Living Essential Oils

I'm sharing about how I've added Young Living Essential Oils to my work at home baskets!

How it Started

Several of my friends have shared about essential oils with me knowing that I’m always looking for more natural ways to support my family’s health. After a while, a few of my bloggy friends really started talking with me about Young Living specifically, and how to implement it with my blog. Several of us decided to join up together, and it’s been incredibly fun watching how the oils have helped all of our families and how great the potential for income is.

How it Works

Essentially how I got started was by purchasing a premium starter kit which gave me a bunch of oils, a diffuser, and a bunch of educational goodies. Technically this made me a “distributor” for Young Living, but realistically it meant that I got a wholesale account (24% discount!). It also gave me the opportunity to sell oils, sign others up with wholesale accounts, and make a commission on those sales and sign ups. I earn a 24% commission whenever someone I’ve referred purchases retail, and I earn a $50 commission whenever someone signs up for a premium starter kit through me (though, I use that commission to buy some goodies for the person who signed up).

I'm sharing about how I've added Young Living Essential Oils to my work at home baskets!

How it’s Going

So far, I’d say really well! I’ve earned two commission checks already, and I haven’t tried to sell a single oil. I mention them here and there on the blog, but I haven’t done a single party or anything. I haven’t given sales pitches to every random person I’ve met. I post about how they’ve helped our family. I answer questions when people have them. I don’t feel the need to pressure people to buy because I have no pressure to sell. If there’s a month where I sell nothing? No one cares. Seriously. If there’s a month where I don’t even BUY anything, no one cares. Over 90% of Young Living’s wholesale “distributors” don’t sell at all, they just want their discount. So I put the time in when I can, and when I can’t there’s no guilt. Perfect for one of my work at home baskets.

How many work at home baskets do you have?