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When I desperately wanted to become a work at home mom, I didn’t really know where to start. Of course, I googled “work at home opportunity” and what did I get? Tons and tons of creepy spammy options. It was awful. I almost gave up hope. Eventually, I found a few things that weren’t scams but didn’t pay very well, and I started my blog. Now through my blog, I’ve been introduced to so many fun and exciting ways to work at home and make good money!

Today I’m sharing a new work at home opportunity with you guys that I’m really excited about. I have recently become an ambassador for a company in its second year!

Work at Home with Fundanoodle Early Learning Products

Work at Home with Fundanoodle! Fine Motor Fun for Kids!

What is Fundanoodle?

Fundanoodle is a company that sells high-quality educational products for children up to the second grade that help to develop the motor skills and stamina necessary for handwriting. The products were developed with the help of an occupational therapist, so they’re perfect for little learners of all abilities. I use these a lot with A-Man and Cap’n M because they both struggle with fine motor skills.

Fundanoodle started as a more traditional company until it was taken over by a new CEO who is passionate about getting these products into the hands of moms. What’s the easiest way to do that? By getting some help from real moms! That’s why they’ve developed this brand new Ambassador program!

What is the Fundanoodle Ambassador Opportunity?

When you become a Fundanoodle Ambassador, you are given the opportunity to share the products and earn commissions. There is a great compensation plan that features up to 30% commissions on sales, as well as the opportunity to grow your team and earn residual income. You can share the products in whatever way is most comfortable for you. If you’re a blogger, you can use the products and write about them with links, similar to affiliate links. If you’re a mom with lots of friends, you can have play dates with your friends, letting their kids experience the products and helping them order. If you’re really determined, you can even get a booth at a local vendor event and share there!


Why Become a Fundanoodle Ambassador?

I know that there are no shortage of direct sales companies around, but this is truly a unique opportunity. First and foremost, this opportunity is brand new. I am literally signed up directly under the CEO, so there is nothing but room for success! How many times have you heard, “the only people who make money are the people who get in first?” Well, I don’t believe that’s true, but getting in early certainly makes it easier!

If you’re a homeschooling/mom/kid blogger and think that a network marketing company could be a good monetization strategy, but you’ve been frustrated with an over saturated market, this could be a perfect fit. Think about it, you recommend products all the time, and amazon certainly doesn’t give you a 20-30% commission!

If you’re a stay at home mom looking to bring in an income, these products will fit naturally into your life and they’ll be so easy to share! Moms ask other moms for advice and opinions all the time. When a mom tells you that she wants to practice cutting skills, but her daughter always tries to cut her own hair, mention these scissors to her and before you know it, you’re earning commissions.

How to Get Started as a Fundanoodle Ambassador

To become a Fundanoodle Ambassador, you just need to purchase a starter kit that includes all of these products, so when you get it you are ready to get started with events or posts about each product. The sr. starter kit is $175, and there’s also a jr. version of the kit for $115. Once you get your account you will be able to set up your own representative site, you can see mine here, and your friends and family can go through your links to purchase products, host a play date, or join as an ambassador to build a business with you!

There’s also a private Facebook group that you can be added to that’s only for ambassadors that join on my team, Fundanoodle Family where you can bounce ideas off of other Ambassadors and get personalized advice and support! There is also a three-month fast start bonus that can help you get up to $150 in free products to help build up an inventory for sales events, incentives, and giveaways!

So if you’re ready to get started, just go to the Fundanoodle website and join with a starter kit, then send me an email at thisoutnumberedmama (at) gmail (dot) com! I can’t wait to help you build up a business and bring in a real income for your family by just sharing these awesome products.

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