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When I had Miss S, I was working from home full-time, raising four kids 5 and under, Chris was working 60+ hours a week outside the house, and I was completely overwhelmed. I hardly ever left the house. I didn’t really see any adults besides Chris, my mom, or the boys’ special needs therapists. And I almost never changed out of my jammies.

It wasn’t a pretty six months. I struggled with motivation, productivity, and self-worth. Things got better, thankfully, but with the arrival of Sweet C, I was nervous that I’d enter that same rut. I knew I needed things to be different this time, so I started the #GetDressedEveryDay challenge.

3 Simple Reasons for Work at Home Moms to Get Dressed Every Day

3 Simple Reasons Work at Home Moms Need to Get Dressed Every Day

Now while it’s easy to get dressed every day if you work outside the home and have to leave the house every day, it’s a lot harder to work up that motivation when you work from home. So today I’m sharing 3 simple reasons work at home moms need to get dressed every day.

1. Getting Dressed Every Day Makes You More Productive

When you work in bed from your jammies, you’ll be tempted to just take a nap or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, but when you get dressed in the morning, something in your brain shifts. It signals a change from lounging around in your jammies to getting your tush to work!

Fitness experts tell you that when you’re struggling with motivation, make yourself put your gym clothes on. Once you’re dressed to work out, you’re more likely to just get your workout done.

Working from home is the same thing. Once you’re dressed for the day, you’re more likely to get to work! Whether you need to write a blog post or sit in on a conference call, getting dressed first will help you stay more productive all day long.

2. Getting Dressed Every Day Means You’re Ready for Anything

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in your jammies or lounge-wear of choice. I’m talking, no bra. Hair in a messy mom bun. Probably wearing no pants. Just looking a mess.

Then you get a message on Facebook from a client – “hey girl, can you hop on a quick skype chat with me?”

Or maybe from a customer – “hey, I’m in town! Can I swing by and pick up that dress?”

Or even a potential business partner – “hey, can I meet you for coffee today? I’d love to chat”

Instant panic.

You either make up a reason to avoid it or you throw yourself “together” in five minutes. Pants flying on, digging through your room for a bra, the whole nine yards.

Sound familiar?

If you get dressed every day, you can avoid that whole mess because you’ll be prepared for whatever the world throws at you!

3 Simple Reasons for Work at Home Moms to Get Dressed Every Day

3. Getting Dressed Every Day Makes You Feel Human

When you work from home, things can get lonely. Sure we often work online, and I know that I am chatting with some of my blog friends or fellow LuLaRoe consultants all day long, but that’s not the same as seeing real people in real life.

Before Chris came home full-time, I was home alone with all of my tiny kids all day long, and most days I never left the house. I felt like a total zombie after a while.

A lot of us tend to “lose our identities” when we become a mom, and taking the two minutes to get dressed every day helps us to remember that we’re real people. Outside of our kids, outside of our blogs, outside of our businesses, we’re real people.

Join the Get Dressed Every Day Challenge

I’ve decided that I need to start making my actions match my words, so I’m doing a #GetDressedEveryDay challlenge! Every single day in October I’m getting dressed and posting my outfit to Instagram using the hashtag #GetDressedEveryDay.

There will probably be some days that I don’t get dressed right away in the morning, but even if I don’t manage to have a spare two minutes until 8 pm, I’ll at least be changing into some leggings and a comfy top.

You can join the challenge with me by posting on Instagram with the hashtag #GetDressedEveryDay and you can join the Facebook group!