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If you haven’t already heard, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Miss S, the newest member of our Outnumbered Family! She’s about two weeks old now, and we’re slowly adjusting to being a family of six.

While everything is different since she is obviously our first girl, it’s also different because she is my first winter newborn! Mr. C and A-Man were both born in the Spring and Baby M was born in the Fall. You know what sucks about Winter? It’s flu season, so it can be really hard to stay healthy.

If you have young kids, you’ll know that there are constant sniffles, runny noses, sore throats and coughs the entire Winter season. And if you’ve ever had a sick newborn, you would know how absolutely terrible that is.

When their noses are stuffy, it makes it hard to nurse and basically do anything besides be miserable and cry. So I’m working double time trying to keep my family, and by extension my newborn healthy!

5 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Winter Newborn Healthy

5 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Winter Newborn Healthy

Washing Hands Religiously

I know, this tip isn’t exactly shocking. We all know that the biggest way to keep from getting sick is to avoid germs, and the easiest way to avoid germs is to wash your hands. This becomes even more important when you have a house full of messy boys.

As much as you think you should make your kids wash their hands, double it. Also, everyone and their mother is going to want to snuggle and hold your sweet new defenseless newborn, so make everyone wash their hands, even with the snotty looks that you may get!

Staying In

This is the hardest tip for me to actually follow because I get so burnt out staying home all the time. However, if you want to keep your winter newborn healthy, it would be wise to stay home as much as you can.

Let your husband pick up the groceries, and finish up any last minute Christmas shopping on Amazon from home in your jammies. I know that it’s the holidays and you want to experience all of the fun activities, but whenever possible stay home for your little one’s sake!


When you do need to go out, whether to the doctor’s office or for a family holiday event like Cookie Day, my best advice at keeping your Winter newborn healthy is to babywear whenever possible.

Not only will it keep your little one happy and snuggled while you’re out and about, but it sends a clear message to well meaning strangers (and even friends and family).

If you’re at the grocery store without babywearing, I can almost guarantee that a random elderly lady will try to touch/kiss/breathe on your newborn.

Also, going to any family event without babywearing is basically begging your family to play a round of pass the baby. Keep your sweet baby in a wrap and save the headache of a holiday cold!

5 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Winter Newborn Healthy


I shared a few weeks ago about why I choose breastfeeding for my family, but I can’t believe that I didn’t include anything about the immune boosting properties of breastmilk!

Again, a disclaimer that I am not saying that if you choose to formula feed or if breastfeeding didn’t work for you that you’re making your child sick.

I am simply mentioning the many studies that have been done on the effects of breastmilk. Also, not only does breastmilk boost a baby’s immune system, but the composition of breastmilk changes based on what a baby needs.

That means that if your baby starts getting sick, your breastmilk will change to include antibodies to help them get over their cold sooner.

Thieves Oil

Last, but certainly not least, we are making sure to use thieves oil liberally. Thieves is an essential oil blend that helps to support a healthy immune system. We rub it on the boys’ feet before bed.

We’ve had it diffusing around the house as well, which as an added bonus smells absolutely fantastic. Using thieves essential oil to support our immune systems has helped our house to stay healthy, which in turn helps keep my Winter newborn healthy!

Have you had a Winter newborn? What steps did you take to keep your family healthy?

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