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Sweet C is three weeks old now, and I’m slowly starting to feel like a human again. You wouldn’t know that if you came to my house right this second, though. See, I’m writing this at 2:30 in the afternoon while she’s napping in the rocker next to me, and I’m in my jammies, still. My hair is up in a crazy mom-bun. If someone dropped by right now, I’d probably pretend I wasn’t home so they didn’t see me!

That’s just not how to live. I mean, I love working from home, but just because I won’t leave the house today doesn’t mean I should stay in my jammies all day long! So I’ve decided I’m going to change my habits, and I’m starting with the Get Dressed Every Day challenge October 1st, so, for now, I’m working up my motivation with these 5 reasons to get dressed every day (even when you won’t leave the house)!

5 Reasons to Get Dressed Every Day (Even When You Won't Leave the House!)

5 Reasons to Get Dressed Every Day (Even When You Won’t Leave the House)

I got inspired to start the #GetDressedEveryDay challenge because I know that after I have a baby I go into a serious funk. I stay in jammies forever and end up feeling like a zombie. I know that I feel so much better whenever I get dressed, but it can be hard to get up and do it when I know that the only people who will see me all day are my husband and kids.

Getting Dressed Every Day Changes Your Mindset

When you get dressed every day, it changes your mindset. There’s just something about changing from your jammies that turns your mind on. You’re suddenly ready for whatever the day throws at you.

I work from home, and I get way more done whenever I get dressed first thing in the morning because I am in the mindset to get work done. When I’m dressed I sit at my desk or the table instead of lounging on the couch. I stay up and write a blog post instead of lying down when I put the kids down for their nap.

And a quick side note, getting dressed also helps me change my mindset at the end of the day. When I change from my outfit into jammies, it helps me unwind and shut off from the day. If I stay in jammies all day long, there’s nothing to signal to my brain that it’s time to chill out and watch a movie with Chris instead of getting one more social media post scheduled!

Getting Dressed Every Day Makes You Feel Good

There is something about getting dressed that makes you feel better. When I put on real clothes, even if it’s just leggings and a t-shirt, I feel more put together and pretty all day long. I know that I’ll probably get spit up on me at some point, but at least I’ll have spit up on real clothes, not jammies. Somehow that’s a bit better!

Beyond that, getting dressed makes me feel pretty. When I put on real clothes I find myself motivated to throw on some chapstick and blush. I flirt a bit more with my husband. My kiddos even comment and tell me I look so pretty when I actually take the time to get dressed. I stay more positive all day long.

5 Reasons to Get Dressed Every Day (Even When You Won't Leave the House!)

Getting Dressed Every Day Means You’re Prepared

Have you ever been lounging around in your jammies and had the doorbell ring? I sure have. I can’t count how many mad-dashes out of the living room I’ve done while shouting “Chris get the door I’m not dressed!”

When you’re already dressed, you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you. If you realize you need to run to the grocery store, you’re ready to go. If you have a girlfriend offer to drop by with coffee you don’t need to hesitate to say yes!

Getting Dressed Every Day is Self-Care

After I had Miss S, I turned into a total hermit. I stayed home by myself with the kids and worked my tush off. I ignored self-care until I was going absolutely crazy. During that whole six month-ish period, I rarely got dressed. What was the point? I wasn’t leaving the house, and Chris didn’t care what I wore.

I was busy working and raising four kids, so I might as well stay comfy, right? WRONG! I was feeling so crummy and in a total rut. Thankfully I found some clothes that are as comfy as jammies but are pretty and help me feel put together (but more on that in another post)!

The fact is, when you get dressed you’re taking care of yourself, and that’s important.

Getting Dressed Every Day Sets the Tone

When you get dressed every day, it sets the tone for a more productive day. That’s super important whether you’re a stay at home mom, work at home mom, homeschooling mom, work outside the home mom or any other type of mom! We all need more hours in the day, and getting dressed gives us a bit of our time back!

Now, you might think I’m totally crazy because getting dressed takes time (who here has stayed in jammies all day because you “don’t have time” to get dressed?) but the fact is that if you take the two minutes to get dressed you’ll be more productive and more than make up for those two minutes!

I know that it can feel completely pointless to take time and effort to get dressed every day even when you won’t leave the house and no one besides your family will see you, but it’s so worth it. Your day will be better. You’ll feel better and be more prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

Take the #GetDressedEveryDay challenge with me, and post your outfit on Instagram or in our private Facebook group and use the hashtag #GetDressedEveryDay each and every day for the month of October. Pay attention to how much better you feel, and you might just continue to get dressed every day well after the challenge has ended!

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