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Responding to your child's challenging behaviors
just got a whole lot easier.

Do you struggle to calmly respond to your child’s behaviors instead of flying off the handle and
saying something you totally regret?

You’re not alone.

Just like the best comebacks come to us way after an argument,
our best parenting responses often come to us too late.

Thankfully, I found a strategy that has helped me respond to my children’s behaviors
in a way that helps them feel understood, me feel like they’re listening, and keeps us connected.

Welcome to Positive Parenting Made Simple.

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Positive Parenting Scripts

Positive Parenting Scripts is the only book of its kind that outlines go-to responses for the most common challenging behaviors.

With this book as your guide, you will always know what to know, what to do, and what to say, no matter what behavior your child throws at you.

Written by an Autistic mom of six neurodivergent children, the strategies in this book are practical for the everyday parent who feels stuck with all of the theory and complicated processes in parenting books out there.

What Makes Positive Parenting Scripts Different?

A Deeper Understanding

This book helps you dig under the surface to see challenging behaviors from your child's perspectives. You will understand why your child is struggling like never before.

Practical Steps for In-The-Moment

Each challenging behavior in the book has practical steps that you can take with your child in-the-moment so that everyone stays safe, and you remain calm while your child regains control.

Exact Scripts that Foster Connection

The scripts in this book give you a solid, go-to response for your child's behaviors that brings you closer together and empowers your child while addressing the behavior.

Hey friend, I’m Kaylene, and I’m an Autistic advocate, author, parenting coach, and mom of 6 neurodiverse children.

After my second son was diagnosed Autistic, I realized that suddenly all of the things about me that seemed so “weird” to society suddenly had an answer.

Since then, I have used my unique experiences as a parent and as an Autistic adult to offer parents insight into their children’s experiences.

I’ve taken that insight and packaged it into Positive Parenting Scripts, which is designed to be a guide that helps you connect with your child when they’re struggling with behavior, rather than push them away with your reactions.

I designed this guide to work for parents like me, who are imperfect but continually trying to be our best. And with this step-by-step guide, I know you can do this.

headshot of Kaylene George, writer of Autistic Mama blog, Embracing Autism, and Positive Parenting Scripts

Positive Parenting Scripts includes behaviors like...

Positive Parenting Scripts is a guidebook for the parents who desperately want to calmly respond when their child misbehaves, but they find themselves falling back into yelling, snapping, or punishing because they just don’t know what else to do.

I know what it’s like when you simply don’t have the mental energy to come up with a calm, positive parenting response to your child’s behaviors. That’s why this guide not only gives you scripts you can use in-the-moment with your children’s most challenging behaviors, but it also includes what to know and what to do when those behaviors happen.

Beyond that, Positive Parenting Scripts walks you step-by-step through creating your own responses ahead of time that are unique to your family and your situation. Never again will you be struggling to come up with a kind and respectful response to your child when they have a meltdown, refuse to do their homework, or just won’t stop whining!

Images of book pages from Positive Parenting Scripts by Kaylene George | Autistic Mama

So if you're ready to...

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Positive Parenting Scripts is written for any parent who struggles to respond to their children’s behaviors in a calm and connected way.

The strategies in this guide are not specific to Autistic children, so this guide is perfect for you no matter what your child’s neurology.

Positive Parenting Scripts includes responses for 15 behaviors including:

Homework Refusal
Hitting or Aggression
Not Following Directions
Calling Names
Not Giving Space
Making Messes
Being Disruptive
Taking Toys Away From Others
Throwing Things
Running Away From You

It also details how to create your own response, so that you know exactly what to do and say, no matter the behavior.

There is an entire section in Positive Parenting Scripts on Creating Your Own Response. It walks you step-by-step through creating your unique response to your child’s unique behaviors!

I offer a risk-free 14 day money back guarantee. Simply email me at Kaylene@AutisticMama.com and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

This is a digital ebook, so it will be delivered as a downloadable PDF. The physical copy should be available on Amazon soon, so email Kaylene@AutisticMama.com if you want to be the first to know when the physical book is available!