• 6 Important Truths I’m Teaching My Kids About September 11th

    Today I did my very best to explain what September 11th meant to Mr. C. He’s 6 and wildly curious, so I’ve been expecting this question for a while now. How do you explain such a horrific event to a child so young and innocent? You can’t sugar coat it. That would do a terrible […]

  • 35+ Super Spooky & Fun Halloween Books for Kids

    A-Man’s very favorite holiday is Halloween. From the end of August to practically Thanksgiving all this kid talks about are orange pumpkins, spooky ghosts, and trick or treating! We spend months practicing how to trick or treat nicely and how to say “please and thank you” to our neighbors, but this year we thought we’d […]

  • 25+ Totally Adorable Halloween Costumes for Girls

    I know it seems like we’re barely headed back to school, but Halloween is going to be here before you know it! I still remember the year I got my son’s costume the day before Halloween and there was literally three choices left in his size! Since then I’ve vowed to prepare early each year! […]

  • 7 Things I’m Teaching My White Kids About Privilege

    I am a mom of four (almost 5) kids. Four white kids. I’ll be the first to admit that the gravity of that statement didn’t really set in for me until recent years. I grew up in liberal Washington. My grandpa is black, my cousins are every color brown there is, and I never really […]

  • 5 Simple Reasons to Stop Calling My Husband “SuperDad”

    My husband does bathtime when it hurts my back to bend over, he always cooks dinner, he takes all four children to the grocery store alone, and he keeps the kids when I need him to, whether for a haircut or a vendor event, or even the occasional lunch with a girlfriend. He’s wonderful, patient, […]

  • 5 Life-Changing Strategies for Parenting With a Migraine

    When I was four years old I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. When I was fifteen we learned that those chronic migraines were mini-seizures caused by epilepsy. I’ve had migraines several days a week since I was a baby, so I have had to learn ways to survive through a migraine. That only became more […]