• Why I Choose Breastfeeding

    Parenting is filled with choices. Some of these choices are simple, and others we can go back and forth on forever and still feel like we’re not making the right choice. One choice that’s been easy for me from the get-go has been the choice to breastfeed my babies. There wasn’t even really a question […]

  • 50 Things You Think on Bed Rest

    Pregnancy is always hard, especially when you are considered “high risk”. Between my history of two cesarean deliveries and two preemies, as well as dealing with an extreme lack of iron during this pregnancy, I am definitely considered high risk. In fact, I spent a long few months on modified bed rest. Doesn’t that just […]

  • We Do It Different, Mom

    Some interesting things happen when you become a parent. You learn what sleepless nights really mean, you start to understand why moms talk about coffee and wine all the time, and, if you’re anything like me, you learn every little thing that you are doing differently than your parents did. “New-Fangled-Babies” That’s the phrase that […]

  • 55 Thoughts Moms Have While Breastfeeding

    Baby M is 17 months old [almost a year and a half for you non-moms who don’t count!] and he is still about 95% breastfed. He has a global developmental delay¬†and sensory processing disorder, which makes eating solid foods extremely difficult for him. He eats pureed baby food about once a day, and other than […]