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She’s teaching three lessons at co-op, she always remembers when it’s her turn to bring snack for Bible Study, and her kids always have shoes and coats on. Her kids know 47 languages and she finishes formal lessons by lunch every day.

You’re pretty sure her 8 year old just got his early acceptance letter from Harvard, and of course all of her kids are perfectly polite and socialized plenty. She’s that homeschooling mom. We all know her. The one that we all pictured ourselves being at one time or another.

Friends, I’m here to tell you, I’m not that homeschool mom. At all.

My kids learned sign language from Netflix because my two younger children had speech delays and signing was the only way to avoid tantrums.

My middle son often has melt downs, and likely won’t potty train until he’s in higher elementary.

This week my son did 90% of his school work on Friday because he was refusing the other days of the week and I didn’t have the energy to fight him.

The Day I Realized That I’m Not THAT Homeschooling Mom

The Day I Realized That I'm Not THAT Homeschooling Mom

I’m Not That Homeschooling Mom That Cooks

I’ve covered this on the blog before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I don’t cook. My kids have cold cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch pretty much every day. And no, I don’t make the sandwiches into fun shapes.

I really admire you mamas that make Pinterest-worthy lunches every single day, but I am certainly not that homeschooling mom. I made macaroni and cheese (from a box) last week and the kids thought it was a huge treat. I’m that homeschooling mom.

I’m Not That Homeschooling Mom Who’s Crafty

I try to be crafty, I really do, but it doesn’t work out. My best friend, mom, and sister are all wicked crafty. When I try to “help”? They can’t watch because my lines don’t come out straight and everything is off center.

I love going on Pinterest to pin the cutest DIY’s and Crafts, but don’t ask me how many projects on that board I’ve tried (0).

I am not that homeschooling mom! I made crafty Father’s Day gifts for the Chris and the boys’ biological dad one year, and probably haven’t really crafted since. I’m that homeschooling mom.

The Day I Realized That I'm Not THAT Homeschooling Mom

I’m Not That Homeschooling Mom Who Plans Field Trips

I always imagined that my homeschool would be so wonderful. I would have field trips with the kids all the time and we’d have tons of fun memories and experiences starting at a young age. In reality, that doesn’t happen.

Moms who come up with a creative and exciting while still educational field trip every single month are very impressive, but I am not that homeschooling mom.

We get a zoo membership, and sometimes we go to the free bug museum down the street. Also, McDonalds counts as a field trip because the play place is PE, right? I’m that homeschooling mom.

Basically, I have had to swallow my pride the last two years that I’ve been homeschooling to realize, quite simply, I’m not that homeschooling mom.

I’m the homeschooling mom that lets “jammie day!” happen at least once a week. I’m the homeschooling mom that knows sometimes we just need to snuggle and watch Magic School Bus and count it as “school”. I’m the homeschooling mom that makes sure there’s always a sharpened rainbow pencil because we all know that if a pencil isn’t rainbow, it gets the wrong answers.

But, I’m not that homeschooling mom, and I think I’m okay with that.

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